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Hunting Strategy Maximized – Episode #352

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Watch the 6th annual GrowingDeer Field Days in episode 352.

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This week follow along as we show some of the hunting strategies shared at our 6th annual Fall Field Day event. It’s all covered, from early to late season hunting tactics, scouting, food plots, habitat management, and much more!

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These poults are learning to strut.Short Clip:

Monkey see…monkey do! Check out what our Reconyx captured last week!

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A fall food plot planted with Eagle Seed Broadside

New Weekly Blog: Time Released Food Plots

Are you planting your fall food plots yet? Here are some tips to consider when selecting food plot seed to attract deer into bow range.

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A handful of food plot seed.

Tip of the Week:

Be watching the local forecast! It’s planting season, be sure rain is in the forecast prior to planting.

Time Released Food Plots

By GrowingDeer,

Each year thousands of hunters take to the deer woods to plant their food plots. The options or varieties of seeds to plant are endless. Our food plot goal is to provide attractive forage for deer so they will return to the plot all season long. This makes patterning deer easier. Some varieties of plants tend to attract deer better during specific times of the fall, like corn and clover. To increase the odds of patterning a mature buck we prefer to plant a fall blend called Broadside.

fresh fall plot on The Proving Grounds This blend is comprised of four different seed varieties, soybeans, wheat, turnips, and radishes. All of these selected species have a specific roll throughout the fall and winter. As a new, tender sprout soybeans are highly attractive to deer. So the purpose of the soybean is to attract deer during the early season when the soybeans are the most palatable. These soybeans are not intended to produce pods, but to provide a high quality nutritional food source as the rest of the stand establishes itself. Once the soybeans are browsed down, this makes way for the wheat to thrive. Under the right conditions wheat can grow and add serious tonnage to the plots. In our region wheat will continue to grow through much of the winter even when heavily browsed. This makes wheat an important addition to the mixture. As the cooler temperatures begin to set in the turnips and radishes then become highly attractive to deer. Deer will browse the green tops of the turnips while the bulbs and tubers grow in the soil. When old man winter comes to town the explosion of wheat, turnips, and radishes will keep the deer coming back for more.

We plant this blend in our plots each year and deer follow the same cycles each season. The Broadside blend serves as a time released food plot throughout the hunting season. The plot produces an attractive food source throughout the entire fall. It is important to never clean the table and not offer food in your plots. If your plots are barren, then the local deer herd will be seeking an alternative food source. This could be your neighbor’s food plot! Keep your food plots growing and attractive this fall, hopefully you will be feasting on venison and not tag soup!

Chasing Whitetails,

Matt Dye

Taking Pre-Season Preparations to New Heights – Episode #351

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Watch a food plot renovation and archery practice in GrowingDeer episode #351.

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We take our hunting strategies to new heights! Watch as the team puts the final touches on a food plot renovation just in time for deer season. Plus, our archery practice is taken to the next level. It’s Prime time to dial in your archery equipment. See how we plan to make every shot opportunity count!

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Grant tags a hit list buck using Winchester Deer Season XP ammo.Short Clip:

Grant settles the BIG DEBATE! Watch to see Grant’s opinion on calibers for deer hunting.

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Hunting scent control

New Weekly Video Blog: Early Season Scent Reduction Tips

We dive further into scent control this week! See the steps we take in the field to remove AND create less foreign odors.

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Summit treestand

Tip of the Week:

The biggest trophy this season is returning home safely. Be sure to check all treestand straps and safety gear before season starts!

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Quick Food Plots – Episode #347

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See a new technique for planting food plots in GrowingDeer episode 347.

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An experiment with a new technique for planting food plots paid off with very promising results: see this innovative alternative for quick and easy fall food plots! Plus, we share what to look for to create dynamite hidey hole food plots. Click here to watch all this along with off season practice techniques that help us become more accurate bow hunters at crunch time!

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Fourth Arrow camera armShort Clip:

Watch as Adam gets his hands on the new hunting camera arm systems from Fourth Arrow! They are a real game changer. See the lightweight carbon arm and the versatile shoulder that works even in the most challenging of tree stand set-ups!

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Acorns, Oak Acorns, Deer Hunting Tip

New Weekly Video Blog: Pre-Season Preparation In Timber Country

Our pre-season scouting continues! Watch as Matt lays eyes on a food source that will strongly influence our deer hunting strategy this fall.

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Blowing a path to a hunting stand

Tip of the Week:

Do you access your stands silently? This is important! Now is the time to blow trails to your stand sites.

“Messy Food Plots”: Bigger Antlers, Better Hunting – Episode #340

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Strategies for protecting and improving our food plots in GrowingDeer episode 340.

New Video

This week we share a couple of our strategies for protecting and improving our food plots. First up: a tip on how “messy plots” are designed to protect food plot soil. Better soil means better food plot crops, bigger antlers, and healthier does! Plus, we’re investing the time now to make a bow hunting hot spot for the late season. Watch this video to see this and more!

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Buck working a scrape

Short Clip:

Miss deer season too? Fight the urge with this clip of a buck working over a scrape!

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Tip of the Week:

Groundhog watch! Be on the lookout! Groundhogs can cause serious damage to your plots!



Matt discusses soil healthNew Weekly Video Blog: Better Soil Equals Healthier Deer

Want to grow healthier deer and bigger antlers? Watch Matt explain how to start from the “ground up!”

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Keys To Success For Small Food Plots – Episode #339

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New Video: Small Food Plot Secrets

It’s time to plant! Watch and learn our techniques for planting small, hidey-hole food plots. These methods will make bow season much more successful! Small food plots make great stand locations and are an easy tool hunters can create and use.

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Hen turkey takes a dirt bath

Short Clip:

Splish, Splash – I’m taking a bath! Check out this hen turkey cleaning herself in the dirt!


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Dr. Grant Woods Stands beside a utilizaiton cage in a field of eagle seed soybeans

Tip of the Week:

Don’t get fooled! Learn how much deer are browsing your plots. Be smart and place a utilization cage  to monitor food plot browse and success.



two bow hunter practicing early seasonNew Weekly Video Blog: Time For Archery!

It’s prime time to start shooting bows: Deer season is just a few months away so the preparation begins now! Get your summer time archery practice sessions started right. The last thing you want to do is form bad habits. I recommend practicing from a distance you feel very comfortable with. Starting off here will allow you to focus on your pre shot routine, step by step. This type of focus minimizes the chance of bad habits forming. As you continue with this method of practice, you will build muscle memory. Both your brain and your muscle need to go through the motions time and time again to ensure lethal shots are executed during bow season…

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Strategic Food Plot Management

By GrowingDeer,
Bucks feed at soybean food plot in woods

Soybeans are easy to grow about anywhere and provide great nutrition for deer.

This week has been an important week for us here at GrowingDeer. It’s not only the last week of turkey season, but the Eagle Seed soybeans are going in the dirt! Planting season is here. With that comes an appreciation of the hard work put in months ago.

Last August we planted many of our food plots in the Broadside blend. This is a fall mixture of soybeans, wheat, turnips, and radishes. This variety helped feed the wildlife throughout the winter. The Broadside has now been terminated in preparation for the new soybeans. Even though the Broadside is no longer living that doesn’t mean it does not serve a purpose.

As we are drilling the new soybeans into the Broadside blend it is laying down on top of the soil. This is all part of the plan! With the vegetation covering the soil, critical soil moisture is conserved. The long range forecast of rain is nearly impossible to predict. Rain could be a few days or weeks away. It’s important to take steps to conserve soil moisture. In addition, the vegetation is shading the ground. This helps to fend off weed growth or competition with the newly planted soybeans. Since the Broadside blend has been terminated it will slowly begin to breakdown. As it does this, nutrients will leach back into the soil. When this happens those nutrients are readily available for the new soybeans to uptake and benefit from.

Soybeans are drilled into the existing food plot

Simply planting a fall blend in your food plots and following this strategy can increase productivity in your next crop. The better the soil the better food plots will grow. When food plots are more productive the quality of the local deer herd will increase. Deer management should start at “ground level”.

Managing deer together,


Maximizing Yields: Spring and Fall – Episode #330

By GrowingDeer,

Watch GrowingDeer episode 330 to learn how to get maximum yield out of your food plots.

What is the ideal deer hunting weather? We share some “backyard” research that sheds some light on the most productive days to deer hunt. This data can help you stay successful when your time in a Summit stand is limited.

Bigger antlers, healthier deer and maximum yield in your plots starts with one thing – soil samples! Watch the steps we take to prepare for planting season and a successful hunting season. We get the most out of our food plots. Do you?

This is your last week to register for Spring Field Days at The Proving Grounds. Click here now!

Planting a tree plot.Tip of the Week:

Attract more deer with quality fruit and nut trees.

Now is a great time to purchase and plant.

We use Flatwood Natives for our trees.

Fruit, Forage and Bacon – Episode #329

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Fruit trees, forage and hog hunting in GrowingDeer episode 329.

Join us April 1 and 2 at The Proving Grounds to get hands on learning. We will walk you through our food plot and hunting strategies! This is a great time to meet and fellowship with other passionate outdoorsmen and women.

Grant and Adam head to the Sunshine State to enjoy the warmth of early spring! Watch as the first morning settled in a Redneck Hay Bale Blind produces some “Prime” bacon.

The Genesis drill is unleashed. This new food plot drill gets put to work! Planting a food plot in a tree plot sounds tough, but not for this drill!

Food plots aren’t the only thing getting attention these days. Learn from the experts at Flatwood Natives how to maximize the production of your fruit trees. Pruning branches means more fruit produced.

We listen for gobbling at daybreak.Tip of the Week:

Spring is here, get your listening ears on! Head out into Creation, listen at daybreak for birds gobbling. This information may help you bag a tom on opening day!



How To Locate Gobblers – Episode #328

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Learn how to locate gobblers in GrowingDeer episode 328.

Food plots go beyond selecting a seed variety, planting, and hunting! Check out the technique we have found that attracts wildlife, improves their nutrition, and builds better soil! It’s a winner for everyone with food plots!

Are you day dreaming of strutting toms? You aren’t alone! Spring gobbler season is on our minds too! Pre-season scouting can be difficult with tough work schedules, but it can be done! Watch how we use RECONYX cameras to locate and scout birds before opening day.

Want to see these techniques first hand? Join us April 1st and 2nd for Spring Field Days where we’ll demonstrate our food plot and hunting techniques! There are LOTS of giveaways and great prizes!

Adam unboxes a Hook’s custom turkey call

Tip of the Week:

Are you ready?

This is a great time to get your Hook’s Calls out and fine tune your sound!