“Messy Food Plots”: Bigger Antlers, Better Hunting – Episode #340

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Strategies for protecting and improving our food plots in GrowingDeer episode 340.

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This week we share a couple of our strategies for protecting and improving our food plots. First up: a tip on how “messy plots” are designed to protect food plot soil. Better soil means better food plot crops, bigger antlers, and healthier does! Plus, we’re investing the time now to make a bow hunting hot spot for the late season. Watch this video to see this and more!

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Buck working a scrape

Short Clip:

Miss deer season too? Fight the urge with this clip of a buck working over a scrape!

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Tip of the Week:

Groundhog watch! Be on the lookout! Groundhogs can cause serious damage to your plots!



Matt discusses soil healthNew Weekly Video Blog: Better Soil Equals Healthier Deer

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