Fall Food Plot Fanatics – Episode #353

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Learn about fall food plot techniques in GrowingDeer episode 353.

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Food plots are one of the best tools we use to manage and hunt whitetails. Dry weather and rocky soils can throw a curve ball into your fall planting plans. Watch as we share tips and techniques that help us get the most out of each plot despite these challenges!

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Use trail cameras for scoutingShort Clip:

How do you capture your MRI during season? Check out this strategy for the upcoming season.

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Fertilize clover for a better spring food plot

New Weekly Blog: Fall Time Clover Management

How do you manage your clover plots during the fall? Check out the technique we use to get more forage and less weeds out of our clover plots!

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Apply bow wax before season opens

Tip of the Week:

You’ve been practicing with your bow all summer long, keep all strings and cables in great working order. Apply bow wax before season opens!