Trapping Benefit: Great Furs!

By GrowingDeer,

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Balancing nest predator numbers can be a great wildlife management tool to encourage healthy prey populations like turkeys, quail, song birds and many others. The end result of trapping, of course, is not just removing predators, but you get these great furs.

Predators also provide high quality fur that can be used for beautiful, warm blankets like the one we had made a few years ago.


So there’s a real advantage to trapping and just having the hides skinned out.  If you don’t have time, take them to a local taxidermist.  That’s what we do.  They’ll flesh them out.  The leather is unbelievable.  And then you can preserve the hides.  They’re great for use as decorative items.

So, trap for multiple reasons. It’s a great way to get your kids and neighboring kids involved in the outdoors.