Taking Pre-Season Preparations to New Heights – Episode #351

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Watch a food plot renovation and archery practice in GrowingDeer episode #351.

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We take our hunting strategies to new heights! Watch as the team puts the final touches on a food plot renovation just in time for deer season. Plus, our archery practice is taken to the next level. It’s Prime time to dial in your archery equipment. See how we plan to make every shot opportunity count!

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Grant tags a hit list buck using Winchester Deer Season XP ammo.Short Clip:

Grant settles the BIG DEBATE! Watch to see Grant’s opinion on calibers for deer hunting.

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Hunting scent control

New Weekly Video Blog: Early Season Scent Reduction Tips

We dive further into scent control this week! See the steps we take in the field to remove AND create less foreign odors.

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Summit treestand

Tip of the Week:

The biggest trophy this season is returning home safely. Be sure to check all treestand straps and safety gear before season starts!