Quick Food Plots – Episode #347

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See a new technique for planting food plots in GrowingDeer episode 347.

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An experiment with a new technique for planting food plots paid off with very promising results: see this innovative alternative for quick and easy fall food plots! Plus, we share what to look for to create dynamite hidey hole food plots. Click here to watch all this along with off season practice techniques that help us become more accurate bow hunters at crunch time!

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Fourth Arrow camera armShort Clip:

Watch as Adam gets his hands on the new hunting camera arm systems from Fourth Arrow! They are a real game changer. See the lightweight carbon arm and the versatile shoulder that works even in the most challenging of tree stand set-ups!

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Acorns, Oak Acorns, Deer Hunting Tip

New Weekly Video Blog: Pre-Season Preparation In Timber Country

Our pre-season scouting continues! Watch as Matt lays eyes on a food source that will strongly influence our deer hunting strategy this fall.

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Blowing a path to a hunting stand

Tip of the Week:

Do you access your stands silently? This is important! Now is the time to blow trails to your stand sites.