Deer Hunting: First Deer – Episode #270

Late bean magic and catching nest predators in episode #270.

Remember your first deer? Six year old Trace Harker gets excited this week when he gets his first deer! Then dad, Seth Harker, heads back to a plot of Eagle Seed beans to try his hand at late season success. ‘Tis the season to remove predators off your property. Pro trapper, Clint Cary, shows you step-by-step how to make a flat set to catch fawn-nabbing coyotes.

Tip of the Week:

A Duke DP trap.

Catching nest predators can be hard.

The Dog Proof trap changed all that. It’s easy and safe to use.

Want more turkey, pheasants and quail? Get some Duke DP’s and get catchin’.

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Late Season Buck – Episode #269

Two Face, a hit list buck, shows himself in episode #269.

A buck steps into the food plot. Adam knows this buck. It’s Two Face. Did this 9 year old buck finally make a mistake? The deer are really hammering the Broadside food plot blend and that’s a great spot for some late season backstraps. It’s time to remove predators. Tips on cold weather trapping, plus, Grant tries a new stinky product.

Tip of the Week:A coyote near a deer carcass.

Got Coyotes? Yes, you do.

Coyotes wear n’ tear your winter deer herd.

Grab a couple of Duke #4 traps. Make flat sets or dirt hole sets for less coyotes, more deer.

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The Perfect Food Plot – Episode #268 episode #268 – the perfect food plot.

Perfection might be impossible to reach, but Grant might have found the perfect food plot! Watch now to see what this food plot is made of, how it’s made, and why it can save you money! We also follow up with a Kentucky property management plan, where we’ve got 3 deer kills!

Buck standing in soybeans.Tip of the Week:

Hunting Late Season?

Warm days: hunt greens, like brassicas or wheat.

Cold days: hunt grains, like soybeans and corn.

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Hunting Scrapes – Episode #267

Find out if you should hunt scrapes in the last season on episode #267.

Are scrapes worth hunting in the late season? New footage from The Proving Grounds may change the way you think. Watch this episode as our Reconyx UltraFire records the world of scrape site behavior! We’ll show you how to create a perfect site for your hunting set up. Next, we open up the HotZone fence to give deer access to some late season soybeans. We’ve already captured a big surprise!

Look for ridges when trying to pattern deer in big woods.Tip of the Week:

It’s hard to find deer patterns in big woods. Look for lower ridges that run to higher ridges. You’ll probably find a travel corridor.

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