Aging Bucks On The Hoof – Episode #243

Grant reviews a photo of a buck.

Quick! How old is that buck? Aging a buck can be tough from a tree stand. Grant shows you how. Then he explains the mysteries of the white oak and their attraction for deer. Plus, stay tuned for a scouting tip you can do now!

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Killer View – Episode #242

Check out the killer view from our new Redneck Blind in episode #242.

We found another dead deer at The Proving Grounds. Is this something to be concerned about? We found a great location for a Redneck Blind where we have a clear view between a bedding and feeding area! Check out this strategy! Grant also travels to meet a landowner that is struggling to see deer! It doesn’t take Grant long to figure out a solution for this small property.

Enter for a chance to win a ½ dozen BloodSport Impact Hunter arrows, the same arrows Grant and Adam shoot. They will ship right to the winner’s door before deer season!

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Bucks During Daylight – Episode #241

Bucks pound the beans in daylight

Right now is the best time to see bucks during daylight. Early summer bean fields and bucks go together! Adam and interns climb into a Redneck Blind and film a buck fest. Our Hot Zone fences are working. Everything outside the fence is browsed hard, inside is lush and tall. It’s like a giant utility cage! Grant finds a dead doe eaten to the bone. Are dead deer cause for alarm? Grant offers insight.

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Our Best Food Plot Right Now – Episode #240

Learn what our best food plot crop is right now in episode #240.
Grant compares two food plot crops growing side by side. Both food plots are useful, but right now the deer are pounding one! Which food plot should you invest your time and money into?

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