Grunt Calls & Food Plots – Episode #293

We test out grunt calls and check out the Hotzone Fence in action in episode #293.

We’ve got footage that shows our Hot Zone fence in action. The fence is only 2 feet high yet it keeps the deer from hammering important portions of food plots when the beans are young! We have the Reconyx footage that shows how. Watch it here!

Ever test buck grunt calls? We grabbed a boxful of old and experimental calls and took them to the field. It’s all about getting your tools ready for the approaching deer season.

A tick can transmit disease to humans.Tip of the Week:

Reduce tick bites: Permethrin, applied appropriately to clothing, does a great job of keeping ticks off.

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Protect Your Food Plots – Episode #292

Learn how to stromproof your food plots in episode #292.

It’s been raining at The Proving Grounds. Throughout the US heavy rains have washed-out roads and bridges causing very serious damage. These rains have also damaged much of the agricultural landscape. Do you want to protect the hard work and money in your food plots? Watch now to learn how you can stormproof your food plots!

It’s always exciting to see a new buck in the food plots. Now we need your help to name this buck!

INDEPENDENCE DAYFireworks celebrate our American freedom and liberty.

July 4th, 1776 is the birth of our American independence. Our freedoms come from God. May God bless everyone who defends those freedoms.

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Soybeans For Small Food Plots – Episode #291

The ultimate soybean for small food plots in episode #291.

Could this be the ultimate soybean for small food plots? We’re testing a unique type of soybean. Grant shares what it is and the early results.

C’mon, admit it, you like seeing fawns. We filmed twin fawns as they learn what crazy jake turkeys are all about. These jakes are nuts!

Here’s something you don’t like seeing – invasive species growing on your hunting grounds. Adam and Grant share their technique to efficiently kill multiflora rose.

Tip of the Week:A section of our soybeans is being protected by a small electric fence.

Now is a great time to add a food plot protection fence around portions of hunting food plots. Come hunting season you’ll have the best food in the neighborhood.

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Preparing For Hunting Season – Episode #290

Watch episode #290 to see how we prepare for hunting season.

Happening now: young soybean food plots are a great place to film early June velvet. We got the cameras out and were not disappointed. A summer project for deer season: sweet! We just created a HotZone harvest area. This hot spot is designed to bring deer into bow range this fall. We’ll show you how we did it.

Fire last season  – today’s amazing results!
Watch this episode as we return to the scene of last season’s prescribed fire. It’s amazing. The fire released a stunning amount of plant diversity providing deer and turkey a very large variety of food and bedding throughout the growing season. A key addition to nearby food plots! Fire is a big effort, that can give you a big return!

Oh no! Groundhogs are all over our soybeans! Where’s the Winchester? It’s time for some summer hunting! A doe licks a Trophy Rock.

Tip of the Week:

Hungry fawns are on the ground. Help does get all the trace minerals they need. We use all natural Trophy Rock; helping does raise healthy fawns. PS: Add a trail camera too!

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