2 Turkeys – Episode #335

Watch two successful turkey hunts in GrowingDeer episode #335.

In our newest video Grant and Adam team up to tag a late afternoon long beard in Kentucky. Then check out Lindsey Martin’s Kansas hunt. She doesn’t waste any time letting the Winchester do the talking on a strutting tom in the timber.

See how unproductive pine stands can be converted into valuable timber full of native browse. This tough task requires a one-two punch.

This Week’s Blog: Tips to help you fill turkey tags even with limited vacation days.

Hook’s turkey callTip of the Week:

Windy in the turkey woods? Use a loud call to carry the sound. A good box call is the solution.

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Watch Young Guns: Turkey Hunting Action – Episode #334

Watch kids tagging toms in GrowingDeer episode #334.

Watch this episode as the young guns have the Winchesters in hand! Success, struggles, and smiles during this turkey hunting action.

Rae takes advantage of our pre-season scouting technique. Watch it pay off within the first half hour of Missouri’s youth season.

Pro Staff members Heath and Lindsey Martin take out a youth hunter in Arkansas. Gracie Pate stays persistent and tags her first tom ever!

Young Trace Harker is set on tagging a longbeard. He hunts hard and has a great encounter. See if his hunt unfolds as planned.

This Week’s Blog: Matt explains how to properly get setup on a gobbler. This will help you tag more toms this turkey season!

A gobbler and a Hook’s turkey call.Tip of the Week:

When that gobbler hangs up, add some jake yelps to your calling sequence. This may make him jealous enough to close the distance.

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Didn’t make it to field days? Watch this video! – Episode #333

Watch GrowingDeer episode 322 to see highlights from Spring Field Days 2016.

Grab a pen and paper! This episode is loaded with information!

Watch and learn as the tips and techniques are shared by industry leaders and the GrowingDeer Team at our Spring Field Days event. We cover strategies for food plots, tree plots, bow hunting setups and habitat management practices. Plus the latest insider information on ammunition, broadheads, filming accessories and game calls.

Click here to register for our next Field Days Event: August 12th and 13th, 2016, here at The Proving Grounds! Come meet Grant and the GrowingDeer Team, tour The Proving Grounds, and talk everything whitetails! This event will get you pumped for deer season.

This Week’s Blog: Matt gives 5 Tips On How To Tag A Tom During The Late Morning

A hunter waits to take a shot.Tip of the Week:

Patience pays off: Don’t give up on a gobbler. He may work in silently to your location. Wait him out and take the shot!

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Nebraska Strutters – Episode #332

Watch a Nebraska turkey hunt in GrowingDeer episode #332.

Bowhunting big flocks! Watch as Adam takes the Prime to Nebraska to open his turkey season! Birds were talking but will they close the distance?

Decoying tips! Be prepared for what the spring turkey woods may throw at you. Different turkey hunting scenarios require different decoying strategies. Learn how we use decoys to get longbeards into the kill zone. Conventional and unconventional methods revealed.

Soil probeTip of the Week:

Test your soil’s temperature! What does it read at 9:00 am?

If it says 60 degrees, it’s time to plant soybeans!

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