Better Food Plots – Episode #286

Tips for better soil and better food plots in episode #286.

Erosion control means better soil. Better soil means larger deer. Grant’s got easy tips for saving and building valuable top soil!

Here we go! Chase and Seth are running and gunning. With heavy rains about to hit, they’re set up on a hot gobbler, but this bird better hurry or our boys will be wet and out of luck! Then Seth goes solo hunting, where he sets up decoys in the perfect spot. Wow! It’s a full strut hammering.

A sprayed wheat field.Tip of the Week:

Want better deer?
Keep your valuable top soil.
Avoid erosion by always having
a crop in the field and not disturbing the soil!


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Three Long Beards Down! – Episode #285

Watch three long beards go down in episode #285.

This week Grant and Adam take the Redneck Blind sweepstakes winner turkey hunting. They get in a pile of turkeys! Then Adam and Seth team up and call in a big ‘ol gobbler. Not to be outdone, it’s Raleigh Woods turn behind the Winchester. It’s a father daughter turkey hunt. Watch Grant and Raleigh scramble to kill a big tom. It’s fast action as Raleigh locks on and pulls that trigger!

 Tip of the Week:Adam using the Harrison Hoot’n Stick trying to locate a gobbler.

Need to locate ’em?
Try high pitched and loud.
Owl hoots & coyote calls work great.

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Turkey Season 2015 – Episode #284

Watch more gobbler action in episode #284.

More birds down! What a great tradition, watch 84 year old “Pops” put the hammer down on dinner! Then Lindsey Martin takes out a Kansas bully bird! Plus, wow! Watch a gobbler terrorize a Montana hen decoy…then pay the price.

Grandpa coming out of a Redneck hay bale blind.Tip of the Week:

Taking Grandpa hunting?

A large blind makes the hunt more enjoyable for him!

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Hunting Gobblers – Episode #283

Two gobblers down in episode #283.

Double trouble! Has this happened to you? You have two gobblers fired up. You can’t see them yet. One bird is out front, the other directly behind and closing fast. Tick-tock, you gotta make a decision! Watch this episode to see how Grant and Adam handle this double trouble situation. Then, we travel to Kansas with Heath and Lindsey Martin as they bow hunt the beautiful Rio-Eastern hybrid. Will Heath arrow a big tom before the storm hits? Watch and see these hunts unfold!

Try imitating a hen to bring that big tom in.Tip of the Week:

Hear a hen? Try imitating her.

She’ll bring that big tom to you.

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