Increasing Antler Size – Episode #296

Learn all about antler size in episode #296.

If deer tend to produce smaller antlers and body sizes where you hunt, Ph.D. student, Eric. S. Michel has some great news for you! Eric presents his research and results and I encourage you to share them with other hunters! Plus, we have some cool buck footage from one of our Reconyx UltraFire cameras!

We use a backpack blower to clear our entry paths.Tip of the Week:

Make noise now, not later! Time to make your entry points deadly silent. Use gas powered blowers or rakes to clear important paths.

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Arrow Speed – Episode #295

Grant tests arrow speed in episode #295.

Which arrows are you gonna shoot this fall? Lightweight for speed or heavy for punch power? Watch Grant test both types and make his decision.

Captured! Adam placed a Reconyx UltraFire in a bean field and got great video of deer absolutely mowing the beans. Plus, Grant does a food plot follow-up in our Whitetail Thicket soybean field – a promising variety for small food plots!

Waxing a bow stringTip of the Week:

Summer sun and heat will take a toll on your bow string. Keep it happy, keep it waxed.

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Velvet Bucks – Episode #294

Velvet bucks and a turkey dust-up in episode #293.

Intern Kyle stayed late one evening hoping to capture a buck on video. Suddenly nine bucks poured into the food plot Kyle was filming and we recognize the biggest one! Watch this episode and find out who he is.

What happens if you put a Reconyx UltraFire over a dusting area? Might be boring but not this time! Adam did just that and we got a real dust-dance on camera. You’ve probably never seen such an epic dust-up!

Adam climbing onto a tree standTip of the Week:

Squirrels chew stuff.

It’s a good time to check straps on your tree stands because squirrels chew stuff.

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Grunt Calls & Food Plots – Episode #293

We test out grunt calls and check out the Hotzone Fence in action in episode #293.

We’ve got footage that shows our Hot Zone fence in action. The fence is only 2 feet high yet it keeps the deer from hammering important portions of food plots when the beans are young! We have the Reconyx footage that shows how. Watch it here!

Ever test buck grunt calls? We grabbed a boxful of old and experimental calls and took them to the field. It’s all about getting your tools ready for the approaching deer season.

A tick can transmit disease to humans.Tip of the Week:

Reduce tick bites: Permethrin, applied appropriately to clothing, does a great job of keeping ticks off.

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