Keys To Success For Small Food Plots – Episode #339


New Video: Small Food Plot Secrets

It’s time to plant! Watch and learn our techniques for planting small, hidey-hole food plots. These methods will make bow season much more successful! Small food plots make great stand locations and are an easy tool hunters can create and use.

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Hen turkey takes a dirt bath

Short Clip:

Splish, Splash – I’m taking a bath! Check out this hen turkey cleaning herself in the dirt!

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Dr. Grant Woods Stands beside a utilizaiton cage in a field of eagle seed soybeans

Tip of the Week:

Don’t get fooled! Learn how much deer are browsing your plots. Be smart and place a utilization cage  to monitor food plot browse and success.





two bow hunter practicing early seasonNew Weekly Video Blog: Time For Archery!

It’s prime time to start shooting bows: Deer season is just a few months away so the preparation begins now! Get your summer time archery practice sessions started right. The last thing you want to do is form bad habits. I recommend practicing from a distance you feel very comfortable with. Starting off here will allow you to focus on your pre shot routine, step by step. This type of focus minimizes the chance of bad habits forming. As you continue with this method of practice, you will build muscle memory. Both your brain and your muscle need to go through the motions time and time again to ensure lethal shots are executed during bow season…Click To Watch And Read More

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Is Your Turkey Season Over? We’ve Got Late Season Long Beard Action! – Episode #338

Watch late season gobbler action in GrowingDeer episode #338.

There’s more turkey hunting action in our newest video! Watch it today to see how the final hunts come together.

A doe and two fawns at a trophy rock mineral site.Tip of the Week: Trophy Rock is great for does too! It’s a stressful time. Give them the mineral they need!

This Week’s Blog: Matt shares a few tips on how to keep tabs on bucks during the summer.

Clips Page: Check out this clip! Throwing it back to 2013 with an awesome Kentucky gobbler hunt!

Kentucky Turkey Hunt: Turkey Down!

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Bam! Busting Beards – Episode #337

Watch as we tag some great longbeards in GrowingDeer episode 337.

Adam and Pro Staff member Seth Harker tag some great long beards right off the roost! Watch how they convince these gobblers to close the distance at daybreak.

A Kansas opening day tom gets a dose of the Long Beard XR. Watch Jerry and Aaron work together to make the hunt a success after this bird throws them a curve ball!We use Trophy Rock at our mineral sites.

Tip of the week: It’s the perfect time to start a Trophy Rock mineral site! This will be a great spot to track antler growth during the coming months.

This week’s blog: Click to read more on food plot strategies and the long term benefits of the Broadside blend.

Clips page: Need some more turkey hunting tips? Click here to see Heath and Lindsey Martin share some sure fire turkey tactics!

Longbeard right before the shot

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Turkey Hunting Tricks – Episode #336

Watch turkey hunting tricks in GrowingDeer episode #336.

Grant and Adam set out to bag an Ozark ridge runner during opening week. Watch them reach deep into the bag of tricks to pull this one off!

Team Martin doubles again! The Arkansas opener was full of gobbles, fights, and flying lead. Watch the hunt unfold with some twists along the way.

Seed hopper of no-till drillTip of the week: Don’t forget to inoculate your soybeans. Add before planting! Better soybeans, more protein – bigger, healthier deer!

This week’s blog: Looking for some late season turkey tips? Click here for tips to hunt turkeys in full foliage.






Clips page: Grant shares management tips with a group of Alabama deer hunters in this 6 minute video clip. Watch by clicking here.

Grant standing in a clover food plot

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