Injured Buck: Shoot or Don’t Shoot? – Episode #300

Ever wonder if you should shoot injured bucks? Grant shares his thoughts in episode #300.

Do you have an injured buck on your property? Many hunters wonder if injured bucks should be harvested. Grant shares his thoughts on injured deer.

Attention bow hunters, now is the time to launch arrows. Work on bow skills now and be better when it counts. Grant started with blind bale, then to 3D targets, now he’s upped the ante. Watch to see his next step toward that moment of truth.

Got a sprayer? Chances are you’re about to shut it down for the season. Adam’s got some tips, so your sprayer is ready next spring.

Broken bones, paralysis, it doesn’t matter who you are, one quick tree stand mishap and your hunt is over. We’ll share the gear and techniques that help keep us alive.

Tip of the Week:Grant practices with his bow and 3D targets.

Launch loads of arrows now. You’ll be glad you did when that monster buck steps into range.



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2015 Field Days – Episode #299

Watch the excitement of Field Days 2015 in episode #299.

Ever seen a prototype no-till drill? Come along and you’ll get a front row seat. It’s the 2015 Field Days. We had over 160 folks from all across the nation shooting, testing and swapping management, trapping and hunting secrets. Learn from industry professionals as they share many tips on food plots, new deer ammo, and much more!

Using Dead Down Wind field spray for scent control.

Tip of the Week:

Early Season is almost here. When checking trail cameras use scent control and favorable winds.

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Pre Season Scouting – Episode #298

We share our pre season scouting techniques in episode #298.

Wanna see more deer? Scout the oaks now! Acorns can be a HUGE factor in deer patterns. We’ll show you how we scout acorn production. Then we create a new hidey hole food plot by hand. We’ll show you a step-by-step guide to get this killer spot started. Trouble! We found a problem in one of our best hunting plots – then we found a solution. We’ll show you how we ROSE ABOVE the problem.

A before and after look at a path made next to one of the treestands.Tip of the Week:

Bring deer closer to your stand by creating paths of least resistance in key areas.

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Early Season Tactics – Episode #297

Watch to learn our early season strategy in episode #297.

Watch to see some cool footage of a mature buck we call Chainsaw! Is it too early to plan how to hunt a certain buck? Not at The Proving Grounds. We’re using Reconyx cameras to learn Chainsaw’s pattern and hanging our new Summit treestands. This week we’ll share our early season strategy for hunting Chainsaw.

A buck in late JulyTip of the Week:

Bucks’ antlers are now developed enough to be individually recognizable. Start estimating age and patterning them now to get a head start for hunting season!

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