Bucks In Full Force – Episode #313

Two more Missouri bucks go down in GrowingDeer episode #313.

The bucks are out in force this week and we’ve got the encounters. Grant and Adam have an intense moment in Kansas when a big, grunting buck comes charging in. It’s a quick shoot / don’t shoot moment. Then two more Missouri bucks go down as Chase White and Zack Coy both grunt them into the kill zone.

Is it a miracle? It seemed there was only a small chance that Pops Woods would hunt this fall. Well, there is great news to share as Pops gets out for the Missouri gun opener!

Deer in a food plot

Tip of the Week:

Where should you hunt now?

Good news! With fewer acorns, the food plots will soon heat up again.


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Rae’s Buck – Episode #312

Watch Rae get her buck in GrowingDeer episode #312.

Rae Woods was hoping to tag a big buck. Watch now to see Rae’s biggest buck ever step out of the fog! After the hunt, Adam explores what the rapid expansion Deer Season XP did inside Rae’s buck. Then we continue working on our management plan with multiple doe harvests.

Tip of the Week:A deer in thick cover.

Where Should You Be Hunting Now?

Areas of thick cover, does often run for cover when bucks are chasing.

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Pre-Rut Action Bow Hunt – Episode #311

Grant takes advantage of the pre-rut action in GrowingDeer episode #311.

In this video: Grant is bow hunting and taking advantage of the pre-rut action. Not long after Grant grunts at a young buck he hears another deer coming through the woods. Watch this episode to see Grant draw back on a mature buck.

A mature buck is taken with a Prime bowTip of the Week:

Harvesting Mature Bucks

Limit hunting pressure until conditions are right.

Keys to look for:

  • Trail cameras showing mature bucks moving in daylight
  • Cold front or barometer change
  • Wind direction favorable for the stand

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New Bow, Big Buck – Episode #310

Watch GrowingDeer episode 310 to see Heath Martin take a Kansas brute!
Watch this episode to see how Heath Martin takes a Kansas brute with a brand new Prime bow called the RIZE! Lindsey Martin gets on the board too. Even though she has a run in with Kansas coyotes, she still drops a doe at 30 yards.

Heath Martin uses a grunt call.Tip of the Week:

Not much can turn a buck better than a grunt call.

Right now, this is the tool of choice.

Get attention. Don’t be afraid to get louder if needed.

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