Big Kansas 8 – Episode #264

Heath Martin puts a big, Kansas 8 point down in episode #264.

For Heath Martin, the road to harvesting a mature Kansas buck has not been easy. This all changed recently when a group of does worked toward his tree stand and a big, mature 8 pointer was following! Watch this episode to get caught up with the Martins and their 4 state deer season. Plus, what’s next is hard to watch: Imagine conditions are perfect to hunt one of your core hit list bucks. Driving to the stand you see something in the food plot…something no hunter wants to see.

Tip Of The Week:A buck uses a travel route between a bedding and cover area

Heath’s Tip For Hunting Now
Set up on travel routes between bedding/cover areas
Bucks will still be cruising for does

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Patterning A Mature Buck – Episode #263

Seth Harker tags a hit list buck, Drifter, in episode #263.

“It’s Rambler!” Watch Seth Harker’s amazement as he sees a 150” buck called Rambler coming toward him! Seth’s chased Rambler a long time, but Rambler’s been almost impossible to pattern. A few tweaks this season put the odds in Seth’s favor when a group of does use the nearby food plot and acorn patch. Plus – the hunter becomes hunted: Watch Grant get a jump on predator season when he takes a big ol’ coyote, using a 150-grain .308 Deer Season XP. Devastation!

The 150” hit list buck, Drifter.Tip of the Week:

Do you have a big buck that’s hard to pattern? Try adding a small food plot in his range to make him more patternable.

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Two Bucks For The Woods Girls! – Episode #262

Raleigh tags the buck Drifter in episode #262.

When Rae and Grant were checking out Rae’s buck, they heard a rifle shot from on top of the mountain. It was Raleigh’s Winchester .308! Check out what happens when a five year old buck called Drifter trails a doe across the plot where Raleigh was hunting.

Tip of the Week:

In areas with good habitat female fawns may reach 70 lbs during the late season. Those that do often become receptive. Often patterning mature bucks during the late season is as easy as finding where female fawns are feeding. Patterning groups of female fawns during the late season can be a great strategy!

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Deer Season XP – Episode #261

Rae Woods shoots a buck with the new Winchester Deer Season XP in episode 261.

Young Rae spots a buck coming into the food plot. He’s moving fast, but Rae is steely calm on her FieldPod. This will not be good for the buck. Once again, Rae gets to test a brand new Winchester bullet. It’s a special round that’s not even on the market yet, Deer Season XP. The impact results are dramatic. See for yourself. Also this week: Start with steep slopes and acorns, then build a bedding area, then add a couple Muddy stands at key locations. That’s where we’ll find Grant and watch his sweat equity pay off!

A buck is searching for a doe.Tip of the Week:

Hunting The Last Days Of Prime Rut

Finding the doe that hasn’t been bred means action for you. Lots of bucks will be scent-checking feeding areas and cover. Hunt cover during mornings, food sources during evenings.

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