On The 2014 Hit List: Royal George

Introducing a hit list buck, Royal George, in episode #249.

Royal George has it all. At 4.5 years he’s a mature Ozark Mountain buck with great tine length. He’s made our Hit List, but there’s a problem so serious we might not even hunt him. Watch this episode to find out why. Plus, Grant explains why growing season fires are a great habitat management tool!

Hill with changes in topography.

Tip of the Week:

Knowing where bedding areas are will give you an edge when hunting big bucks.

What to look for: Pockets or changes in topography on hill sides.
Why: Rapid changes in topography cause swirling winds that allow deer to use their sense of smell to protect them from all sides.
How to use: Know where bedding areas are but leave them alone. Select stand/blind sites between bedding areas and food sources where the prevailing winds are in the hunter’s favor.

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Deer Meat – How To Process It Yourself – Episode #248

Learn how to process your own deer meat with easy cuts in episode #248.

Would you like to process your own deer meat? Grant takes you step by step, including how to easily remove the foul-tasting lymph node in the rump! Grant also shows you a simple trick for quickly aging a buck on the hoof. It’s a great lesson to get you ready for your bow opener!

White oak leaf and red oak leafTip of the week:

Remember: Hunt white oaks early season. Hunt red oaks late season.

The Reason: Deer love acorns and white oak acorns are usually eaten or rotten by the late season so deer switch to red oak acorns.

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2014 Field Day at The Proving Grounds – Episode #247

Watch Field Day 2014 in episode #247.

This episode is packed with many of the ideas, tips, and strategies that Grant and the team shared with the 142 folks from all over the country that joined us on The Proving Grounds for Field Days. How to’s for tree plots, scent control, trapping, prescribed fire, and much more. Click here to watch the episode and make plans to attend next year!

Tip of the weekBuck tending a scrape.

Weather is the key! When hunting deer during the pre-rut, take advantage of cold fronts and rain. Buck activity increases when a cold front hits and bucks will often tend scrapes just after a rain.


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Deer In Beans – Episode #246

Tips for hunting a new property in episode #246

Scouting and patterning deer on a property you haven’t hunted before takes time! Watch this episode as Adam shares tips for scouting and hunting a property new to you. Plus, we’re doing some pre-season scouting here at The Proving Grounds. The Hot Zone fence has produced huge results so we scouted with our video cameras and wanted to share the incredible show as the deer pour into those food plots!

Once you see scrapes being actively used, you know the pre-rut is rolling.

Tip of the Week:

When you’re scouting, pay special attention to the condition of any scrapes you come across. Once you see scrapes being actively used, you know the pre-rut is rolling and bucks will likely be more active during daylight hours unless the daytime temperatures are way above normal. That stage will last about two weeks and then most of the scrapes won’t be visited as much. In fact, you’ll notice leaves covering most of the scrapes. That’s because enough of the does are receptive that bucks leave the scrapes to find those very attractive does.

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