Time To Hunt Scrapes! – Episode #257

In episode 257 Grant takes the mystery out of hunting scrapes!

In this episode: Grant takes the mystery out of hunting scrapes! What are they? Why do bucks make them? Plus, watch this episode to see a Missouri buck turn the tables on a stalking predator. It’s rare video of one of those awesome moments in nature! Click here to view the show now!

Royal George is a big ten point nocturnal buck.

Tip of the Week:

Hunting that big old nocturnal buck may not be wise.

  • It’s adding more pressure, making matters worse for you.
  • Leave him unpressured until the rut and he’ll be a better daylight cruiser!
  • For now, target bucks that show daylight possibilities!

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Bowhunting The Midwest: Backstraps And Bears – Episode #256

Heath Martin kills a massive black bear in episode #256.

When you think big bear, do you think of Arkansas? You will after watching this episode. Of course, we’re all about growing deer, but when Pro Staffer Heath Martin sends a Havoc through a 500lb black bear, we wanted to share the hunt.

Strange wind: Numerous days of southeast winds has made hunting tough at The Proving Grounds…but Adam Keith figures out a plan, and puts some venison on the ground.

Bucks are most active at scrapes during the pre-rut.Tip of the week: Big Bucks And Scrapes

It’s that time of year!

  • Put trail cameras on scrapes now.
  • If you locate a big buck move in quick.

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Venison On The Ground – Episode #255

Grant has a successful bow hunt in episode #255.

It’s almost impossible to pattern deer with acorns everywhere. When Grant discovers a pattern in a food plot, he and Adam go for it! Then Grant takes the stage at the Northwoods Church in central Illinois. It’s mature bucks, good food and the good Word. Continuing north on this 1,400 mile road trip Grant explores a central Wisconsin hunting property. Meanwhile, back in Missouri, Adam Brooke bow hunts in a stand of white oaks. It’s a self-filmed success story.

Mature bucks feeding in a food plot.Tip of the Week: World’s Best Deer Food?

It’s the best quality forage they don’t associate with danger. Hunt your food plots with care. Mature deer will pattern you.

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Adapting Hunt Strategies And Venison Tips – Episode #254

Adapting hunting strategies in episode #254.

The hunt for venison continues: This week it’s red oak acorns vs. Eagle Seeds Broadside mix. Looks like Grant has guessed right! Also, Adam’s got a tasty tip for taking the “game” out of your wild venison. Look out! It’s a bunch of college kids descending on The Proving Grounds. No worries, the Dr. is in!

Tip of the Week: Most Recent InformationA trail camera.

Have a plan when you hunt, but always be willing to change.
Foods sources and deer patterns can change fast this time of year. MRI in the deer woods is almost always the best plan!

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