The Number One Tool For Better Hunting – Episode #324

Watch GrowingDeer episode #324 to learn how we use prescribed fire.

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What’s our best tool for better hunting? Fire is probably the #1 way to make most properties more attractive to deer and turkey. Watch as we prepare to manage hundreds of acres of timber and native grass using ​prescribed fire! WARNING: This might get you so excited you’ll want to run out and drop a match – please don’t. Get some training first.

Preparation for turkey season has begun! Bow hunting for turkeys requires changing your practice techniques. We will show you how we prepare for those close range strutters.

Tip of the Week:Shed hunting

Where to find shed antlers?

Concentrate efforts on travel corridors and late season food sources.

After a fresh rain is a great time to find sheds. Antlers are shiny, leaves are dull.


Warning: This video contains information about prescribed fire which is a management tool for trained professionals using the appropriate tools for the situation.

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Trapping Success Continues – Episode #323

Our first coyote of trapping season in GrowingDeer episode #323.

The first coyote of trapping season is in our Duke TrapWatch this episode to learn what other critters coyotes are probably killing in your area.

Are you staying successful during late trapping season? We’ll share our trapping tips for when temperatures plunge.

Tasty ways to share venison – made easy! The right tools produce impressive results at home. Watch this quick how-to for venison summer sausage. Be a hero.

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Southpaw, a 4.5 year old buckTip of the Week:

Late Winter Inventory

Which bucks made it through season? Keep cameras rolling now to find out!

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The Last Bow Hunt – Episode #322

Watch the last bow hunt in GrowingDeer episode 322.

The final evening of bow season didn’t let us down! Adam connects and lays his eyes on what could be next season’s prize!

Trapping season continues and the predators have been working our Duke traps. Learn how we change our sets as the season progresses and the temperatures become colder.

Are there many cedars on your Proving Grounds? Watch to find out why we are aggressively trying to remove these trees. We will share the steps we take to turn cedar thickets back into productive areas for wildlife!

A deer trail.Tip of the Week:

Deer sign remains very visible even after season closes. Scout new areas! Odds are good that you’ll find a new hunting location.

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Winter Projects – Episode #321

Winter projects for deer management in GrowingDeer episode 321.

Imagine your buddy’s face when you show him the beautiful venison brats you’re cooking on the grill. You can do it. Tracy and Daniel will show you how.

In most of the whitetails’ range, the does have been bred and the late winter stress period is here. There are ways you can help deer during this stress period in addition to providing quality forage. These include providing quality trace minerals and balancing the predator and prey populations. We’ve got tips to help you with both these management practices.

We use Trophy Rock Four65 to provide minerals to the deer herd.

Tip of the Week:

The winter stress period is here. This can be a very tough time on both pregnant does and post rut bucks. Providing Trophy Rock Four65 during this stress period benefits the entire herd! Don’t wait untll fawns are born and antlers are developing. Make sure deer have access to quality trace minerals now!

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