Clover, Chicory, and Alfalfa

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Hey Grant,

I was just wondering if you can mix clover with alfalfa and chicory?  I have a plot with just chicory and clover but up here in northern Pennsylvania there is a lot of alfalfa planted.  I know alfalfa can help bucks put on the inches if managed properly.  Would this be a good blend and if so, what would the broadcast rates be?



Alfalfa can be mixed with clover and chicory.  However, I’m not aware of an herbicide that won’t harm the either the clover or the chicory.  So keeping the plot weed free may require using an herbicide wiper, etc.

Alfalfa does require a bit more maintenance that both clover and chicory.  Most varieties of alfalfa need to be cut when they exceed 30% bloom to maintain them in a state of producing high quality forage.  In addition, most varieties of alfalfa don’t tolerate being shaded out by mowed forage as well as clover or chicory.  It might be best to plant alfalfa by itself so it can be managed to provide maximum yield and plant the clover and chicory in the other half of the plot.

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