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Two Bucks in Prime Range – Episode #364

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Watch GrowingDeer episode 364 as two Ozark deer are tagged during bow season.

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It’s that time of the year when being vocal can pay off! Watch as two mature Ozark Mountain bruisers slip into bow range investigating the sounds from the Messenger grunt call. Plus, learn the hunting strategies we use to capitalize on the pre-rut activity.

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Adam shows how to use a grunt call.Short Clip:

Want to make realistic grunts? Watch to get the most out of the Messenger grunt call.



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self filming a deer hunt

New Weekly Blog:

Have you accepted the challenge? Here are 5 advantages to videoing your hunts!


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A doe going to seek cover.Tip of the Week:

Bucks are cruising and does are seeking cover. Time to hunt close to the bedroom!

Autumn Antlers in Hand – Episode #361

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Watch intense deer hunting action in GrowingDeer episode #361.

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Recent cold fronts moved across the whitetail’s range and the deer hunting action was intense. Watch as a mature Kentucky hit list buck goes down. Plus, see the GrowingDeer Team finally puts its hand on a hidden treasure! The pieces to the Handy puzzle are coming together.

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An alert doe.Short Clip:

Ever put a stalk on a deer? Watch Grant close the distance on a few deer as he heads to the stand.

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Headturner is a nocturnal buck

New Weekly Blog: Got Nighttime Deer Movement?

Got a nocturnal buck on trail camera? Check out the techniques we use to put a tag on these tough to hunt bucks!

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Learning how to age a deer on the hoof.Tip of the Week:

Bucks will be on the move soon! Take time to brush up on your “aging deer on the hoof” skills.

Red Hot Early Season Action – Episode #358

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Watch red hot early season action in GrowingDeer episode 358.

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Let the deer hunting begin! Our Pro Staff strike in Kansas by tagging a hit list buck and several does. Plus, doe management at The Proving Grounds is underway. Two does, one hunt. Don’t miss the red hot hunting action.

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Lower jaw of a deerShort Clip:

Can you accurately age whitetails? Learn how to age deer by examining tooth wear and replacement!

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Handy a 5.5 year old buck

New Weekly Blog: The Changing Pattern Of Handy

Where has Handy been? Follow up on Handy’s latest movements plus the plans made to close the distance on this mature buck.

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 Grant takes a shot at a doeTip of the Week:

Follow through your shots. Dropping the bow early to see where you hit can be a costly mistake!

Prime Time For Archery!

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Get your summer time archery practice sessions started right! The last thing you want to do is form bad habits. I recommend practicing from a distance you feel very comfortable with. Starting off here will allow you to focus on your pre shot routine, step by step. This type of focus minimizes the chance of bad habits forming. As you continue with this method of practice, you will build muscle memory. Both your brain and your muscle need to go through the motions time and time again to ensure lethal shots are executed during bow season. Starting off early and correctly will train you to become a more successful bow hunter. Remember “Perfect practice makes perfect!”

GrowingDeer together,


Bucks In Full Force – Episode #313

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Two more Missouri bucks go down in GrowingDeer episode #313.

The bucks are out in force this week and we’ve got the encounters. Grant and Adam have an intense moment in Kansas when a big, grunting buck comes charging in. It’s a quick shoot / don’t shoot moment. Then two more Missouri bucks go down as Chase White and Zack Coy both grunt them into the kill zone.

Is it a miracle? It seemed there was only a small chance that Pops Woods would hunt this fall. Well, there is great news to share as Pops gets out for the Missouri gun opener!

Deer in a food plot

Tip of the Week:

Where should you hunt now?

Good news! With fewer acorns, the food plots will soon heat up again.


Pre-Rut Action Bow Hunt – Episode #311

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Grant takes advantage of the pre-rut action in GrowingDeer episode #311.

In this video: Grant is bow hunting and taking advantage of the pre-rut action. Not long after Grant grunts at a young buck he hears another deer coming through the woods. Watch this episode to see Grant draw back on a mature buck.

A mature buck is taken with a Prime bowTip of the Week:

Harvesting Mature Bucks

Limit hunting pressure until conditions are right.

Keys to look for:

  • Trail cameras showing mature bucks moving in daylight
  • Cold front or barometer change
  • Wind direction favorable for the stand

Bow Hunting Action: Patience and Planning Pay Off – Episode #308

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Watch Raleigh Woods take a mature buck with her bow in episode #308.

It can be hot and dry during the early part of October here in the Midwest. We’re constantly watching the weather looking for the next cold front. A significant drop in temperature will get the deer on their feet and improve the chances for success!

With great hunting conditions forecast, the teams headed out to hunt. Watch this video to see the hunts play out!

A mature buck working a scrape.

Tip of the Week:

Cooler Temps – Time to Hunt Scrapes

Put the odds in your favor:

  • Hunt traditional scrapes, ones created year to year
  • Those that you can approach from downwind
  • Scrapes in transition areas

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Beginning To Hunt Scrapes

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Its now mid-October and fall is all around us. I like cool mornings on the stand because they bring a feeling of rejuvenation to the season. Cooler temperatures also mean it’s time to hunt scrapes! Scraping activity is increasing quickly.

In preparation for hunting scrapes, we key into the locations that have scrapes year after year. Scrapes act as communication points for deer within an area. Commonly seen on trail cameras, a deer will urinate on their tarsal gland which personalizes the mark that they leave in the scrape. The urine comes in contact with bacteria located on the deer’s glands which are unique to that specific deer and distinguishable among the herd. The urine then falls into the scrape letting all the deer know who was working the scrape before them!

Raleigh with the buck she harvested with her bow in 2015

Raleigh just killed this mature buck on a ridge at The Proving Grounds that generally receives the first scraping activity each fall.

Peak scraping activity generally occurs two weeks prior to peak rut. That means at The Proving Grounds we will soon be setting up 20 feet above scrapes. Not just any scrape will work. To put the odds in our favor we will target scrapes that occur in the same location yearly, are in transition areas, and are located so we can access them from downwind. These areas are not as common as they may seem. Scouting and recording deer movement from year to year is vital. But once you find these areas they can be extremely productive when the pre-rut activity is at its highest.

Understanding biological changes that deer undergo throughout the length of the entire season will make you a better hunter. These changes will determine which stand you hunt and at what time of the year. From now until November we will monitor scrape activity very closely. When scraping activity is at its highest you can bet we will be in our Summit treestands!

Growing quality whitetails,


In The Stand: Bow Season 2015 – Episode #305

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Watch the 2015 bow opener is episode #305.

Archery season is officially open in Missouri! The GrowingDeer Team climbs into a Redneck Blind for the bow opener. Watch as a shooter buck steps into view, but will he close the distance?

Later, another hunt turns into an opportunity to bring home Thanksgiving dinner when a nice long beard comes into bow range!

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Tip of the Week:We use Dead Down Wind field spray to reduce our scent in the field.

Keep your cool on those warm bow hunts:

  • Dress light
  • Take your time getting to the stand
  • Use a broad spectrum scent control like Dead Down Wind: for our hunts we like the field spray, boot powder and field wipes

Injured Buck: Shoot or Don’t Shoot? – Episode #300

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Ever wonder if you should shoot injured bucks? Grant shares his thoughts in episode #300.

Do you have an injured buck on your property? Many hunters wonder if injured bucks should be harvested. Grant shares his thoughts on injured deer.

Attention bow hunters, now is the time to launch arrows. Work on bow skills now and be better when it counts. Grant started with blind bale, then to 3D targets, now he’s upped the ante. Watch to see his next step toward that moment of truth.

Got a sprayer? Chances are you’re about to shut it down for the season. Adam’s got some tips, so your sprayer is ready next spring.

Broken bones, paralysis, it doesn’t matter who you are, one quick tree stand mishap and your hunt is over. We’ll share the gear and techniques that help keep us alive.

Tip of the Week:Grant practices with his bow and 3D targets.

Launch loads of arrows now. You’ll be glad you did when that monster buck steps into range.