Red Hot Early Season Action – Episode #358

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Watch red hot early season action in GrowingDeer episode 358.

New Video

Let the deer hunting begin! Our Pro Staff strike in Kansas by tagging a hit list buck and several does. Plus, doe management at The Proving Grounds is underway. Two does, one hunt. Don’t miss the red hot hunting action.

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Lower jaw of a deerShort Clip:

Can you accurately age whitetails? Learn how to age deer by examining tooth wear and replacement!

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Handy a 5.5 year old buck

New Weekly Blog: The Changing Pattern Of Handy

Where has Handy been? Follow up on Handy’s latest movements plus the plans made to close the distance on this mature buck.

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 Grant takes a shot at a doeTip of the Week:

Follow through your shots. Dropping the bow early to see where you hit can be a costly mistake!