Autumn Antlers in Hand – Episode #361

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Watch intense deer hunting action in GrowingDeer episode #361.

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Recent cold fronts moved across the whitetail’s range and the deer hunting action was intense. Watch as a mature Kentucky hit list buck goes down. Plus, see the GrowingDeer Team finally puts its hand on a hidden treasure! The pieces to the Handy puzzle are coming together.

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An alert doe.Short Clip:

Ever put a stalk on a deer? Watch Grant close the distance on a few deer as he heads to the stand.

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Headturner is a nocturnal buck

New Weekly Blog: Got Nighttime Deer Movement?

Got a nocturnal buck on trail camera? Check out the techniques we use to put a tag on these tough to hunt bucks!

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Learning how to age a deer on the hoof.Tip of the Week:

Bucks will be on the move soon! Take time to brush up on your “aging deer on the hoof” skills.