Injured Buck: Shoot or Don’t Shoot? – Episode #300

By GrowingDeer,

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Ever wonder if you should shoot injured bucks? Grant shares his thoughts in episode #300.

Do you have an injured buck on your property? Many hunters wonder if injured bucks should be harvested. Grant shares his thoughts on injured deer.

Attention bow hunters, now is the time to launch arrows. Work on bow skills now and be better when it counts. Grant started with blind bale, then to 3D targets, now he’s upped the ante. Watch to see his next step toward that moment of truth.

Got a sprayer? Chances are you’re about to shut it down for the season. Adam’s got some tips, so your sprayer is ready next spring.

Broken bones, paralysis, it doesn’t matter who you are, one quick tree stand mishap and your hunt is over. We’ll share the gear and techniques that help keep us alive.

Tip of the Week:Grant practices with his bow and 3D targets.

Launch loads of arrows now. You’ll be glad you did when that monster buck steps into range.