Mapping Acorns!

By GrowingDeer,

While we’ve been out checking cameras we’ve kept an eye out for acorn producing oaks and marking them in OnX Hunt!

We’ll be hunting in this area when this white oak starts dropping acorns! Let us know how the acorn crop looking where you hunt by joining us on social media and leaving a comment!

Acorns producing trees marked on OnX


The Bullet that Leaves All Its Energy In the Deer

By GrowingDeer,

The GrowingDeer team has been using Winchester Deer Season XP for many years! Last fall I was able to fill my rifle tag on a great buck we called Slingshot. After the hunt we noticed the bullet was just underneath the skin on the offside shoulder. The bullet left all its energy in the deer, and Slingshot didn’t make it out of sight!

Deer Season XP by WinchesterWinchester Deer Season XP

We are ready for those crisp fall mornings in the deer woods!



Native Browse: Ragweed – It’s Extremely Nutritious

By GrowingDeer,

Native browse is extremely nutritious! We noticed an area where deer were hammering the giant ragweed. We collected a ragweed sample and had Waters Ag (same lab we use for soil samples) analyze the nutrient quality. Check out the results. This is one reason we work to improve native habitat! (page down to see the nutritional analysis)

doe eating native plants

native browse

nutritional analysis of native vegetation

Velvet Bucks, Fawns, Turkey Poults: Trail Camera Videos | May and June 2020

By GrowingDeer,

The velvet antlers are growing nicely on some of the bucks in these ReConyx trail camera videos. The bucks get up close and personal with the cameras as they browse.


A healthy crop of fawns here at The Proving Grounds! Check out these vidoes of does with their fawns in May and June 2020.


If you want to get to see more bucks that are on your property – find a fruit tree that is producing now and place a trail camera nearby! Soft mast trees like peaches will draw in all kinds of critters – deer, possums, raccoons! We had not seen any of these bucks on our other trail cameras so this was an easy way to get more in tune with the local bucks!


A short video compilation of hen turkeys with their poults from late May to mid-June 2020. Listen to the hens purr as they walk along with their little broods!

Archery Practice Tip 3: Get Higher

By GrowingDeer,

Many deer hunters hunt from an elevated blind or stand. It’s important to practice for those shot opportunities.

Standing at a higher elevation (even on top of a small hill in the yard) and shooting at a target lower in elevation can help you prepare for fall.

Archery Practice: shoot from an elevated position


Archery Tip: Aim for the Exit

By GrowingDeer,

Imagine the path of the arrow through the target. According to your position in relation to the target, shot placement will vary.

Practice aiming so the arrow enters and exits within the vitals.

Morrell target with vitals and arrow placement Morrell target with arrows showing exit direction