Hunting Lease Habitat Improvements = Great Deer Hunting

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Chase and Rylan White have another Ozark Mountain buck on the ground!


Much of the land around their hunting lease is hardwood timber. Quality cover and food is limited. They have done a lot of habitat improvement work during the past year, including timber stand improvement and creating quality food plots. By improving the habitat for whitetails, Chases’ property has become very attractive to critters – especially deer! See THIS hunt were Rylan tagged a bruiser of a buck during the early youth portion of the Missouri 2021 deer season.

Chase knew that during the rut, bucks can lose up to 30% of their body weight and need calories to continue seeking receptive does. During this time of the year, a food source can be a great hunting location for bucks.

Their strategy worked – he tagged a mature buck on this hunting lease! Rylan did a great job behind the camera! We’ll be sharing the entire hunt in an episode coming soon.

Where to Aim Based on the Deer’s Body Position

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For all the hunters headed to the woods this weekend, here’s a quick review for where to aim based on the deer’s body position!  Hunting with a firearm is usually at longer distances.  A quick, easy retrieval is  all about shot placement, the efficiency of the firearm and the ammunition.  In this short video, Grant shares very specific and detailed tips for shot placement when deer hunting: broadside standing still, quartering-to or quartering-away, and why you should avoid neck/ head shots, full frontal shots and the “Texas heart shot”.

(Apologies for the video not being immediately available.  Please go to our Facebook page to see the video until we have this technical issue worked out.)


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Grant and the GrowingDeerTV team

Planning Tomorrows Hunt: Opening Day of FireArms Season

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We’re using HuntStand to create a strategy for tomorrow’s hunt! Daniel shares a step by step on how we use the HuntStand App to decide where and when to hunt: weather conditions in the area and in the hunt zone. The hunt zone will show where the scent is going based on the wind and current conditions.  It’s a great way to get a plan for a specific blind or stand!



We will be sharing more updates of the weekend hunts on social media!  We are always glad to hear updates from our viewers as well – tag us in your social media posts!

Elk Hunting: Almost Run Over By the Herd!

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Team member Chase White was almost run over by a herd of elk while hunting in New Mexico. The Winchester 6.8 Western worked perfectly and Chase punched his first elk tag!


Hunt Update: Coldest Morning So Far and Bucks Just Out of Range

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Grant shares an update from the stand. It’s the coldest morning of this deer season so far.  He’s near a recently burned area that will be warm and sunny later in the morning.  Food is nearby and an easy travel corridor.  Grant shares his expectations for the morning hunt and when he might choose to use grunt calling.  Watch to see the morning hunt and the bucks that came in…but just out of range.  It’s a beautiful morning in the deer woods!

Better than the Neighbors – Results!

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Last January, we toured Chad’s 80 acres and developed a habitat and hunting improvement plan. Chad’s place used to be used as a cattle and hog farm and the neighboring properties are still primarily cattle pasture and small wood lots. He began implementing the timber stand improvement projects, used prescribed fire and added food plots.

Chad with harvested buck


The property is already more attractive than most of the neighboring properties and he’s seeing more deer. The habitat plan we designed for him has almost endless opportunities for stand and blind placement. And that’s because there’s a huge amount of edge – food/cover/edge, food/cover/edge, food/cover/edge. So, no matter the wind direction, there’s going to be an ideal place for Chad and his family to hunt. In fact, Chad recently harvested a great buck.

Congratulations Chad on your habitat improvement project and a nice set of antlers!