Easy, Early Scouting for Trapping

By GrowingDeer,

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As we check the RECONYX for deer we also make notes of where raccoons and opossums are active. This information helps us place Duke Traps exactly where critters are moving!

trapping nest predators

While trapping in the early part of the trapping season may not yield the best for fur prices, it can be a good time to start trapping nest predators.  Concerns over the impact on deer movement need to be considered.  However, deer certainly become conditioned to vehicles that deliver feed, while avoiding all other vehicles on the same property. If you check the trap line at the same time daily, the deer probably know the noise of a truck or ATV, and the smells associated with the trapping gear. If there is a long pattern of people passing through the property without threatening the deer herd, it’s likely the deer are not bothered by trappers — they are conditioned to his presence.