Winter Projects – Episode #321

By GrowingDeer,

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Winter projects for deer management in GrowingDeer episode 321.

Imagine your buddy’s face when you show him the beautiful venison brats you’re cooking on the grill. You can do it. Tracy and Daniel will show you how.

In most of the whitetails’ range, the does have been bred and the late winter stress period is here. There are ways you can help deer during this stress period in addition to providing quality forage. These include providing quality trace minerals and balancing the predator and prey populations. We’ve got tips to help you with both these management practices.

We use Trophy Rock Four65 to provide minerals to the deer herd.

Tip of the Week:

The winter stress period is here. This can be a very tough time on both pregnant does and post rut bucks. Providing Trophy Rock Four65 during this stress period benefits the entire herd! Don’t wait untll fawns are born and antlers are developing. Make sure deer have access to quality trace minerals now!