Wildlife Management Goals: Better Cover and Food – Episode #453

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See how we’ve managed and improved the native habitat at The Proving Grounds. Then an update on an exciting experiment that could increase the productivity of small food plots! Plus, watch as we prepare our bows for opening day.

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Hand of dry soilNew blog:

Find out how drought conditions affect deer.






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Scouting/Scoring Tip:

Here’s a quick tip to use when scoring antlers while scouting this summer.




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ALWAYS wear a safety harness and be clipped to a safety line or lineman rope, from the moment you leave the ground until you return.







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In Case You Missed It!:

If you didn’t catch our most recent GrowingDeer Talks (Facebook live), you can see it here!



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Q & A of the Week:

Question: Will I have to sight in my bow again when I switch from field points to broadheads?

Answer: Sights often need adjusted when switching from field points to broadheads. One way to avoid having to move sights is to shoot a DeadMeat broadhead which has a practice point that flies exactly the same! Sight in and practice with the B.M.P. point during the summer and you’re ready to hunt!