Wild Hogs In Oklahoma – Episode #265

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Seth and Chase go hunting in GrowingDeer.tv episode 265.

Seth and Chase Go Hunting
Our boys take a road trip to the mountains of Oklahoma. They run into wild horses and wild hogs. One of those gets carried out with them.

The Hot Zone is Open
We protected a plot of Eagle Seed beans all season. Grant and crew finally open the Hot Zone fence. This favorite food is now available for the deer. As prime rut comes to a close, we’ve got late season quality food near a Redneck blind.

It’s The Season
Predator trapping season is here. We love turkey hunting, but for now, we’re gonna be a turkey’s best friend. Act now if you want to save nest sites and poults from ravaging predators. Watch this episode to get you primed and ready for trapping.

A tree stand with cover.Tip of the Week:

It’s getting late. There’s pressure to fill your tag.
Check that your stand site still has concealing cover.
If not, attach more cover, then fill that tag.