Wild Hogs and Javelinas: Texas Style! – Episode #378

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Watch the GrowingDeer Team go to south Texas in episode #378.

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Watch the GrowingDeer Team travel to south Texas to hunt wild hogs and javelinas! Not only do they let Bloodsports fly but they explore new habitat and stumble across exciting history of southern Texas!

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A big Kansas gobblerShort Clip:

Watch the crow and pot call bring in a big Kansas gobbler!


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Leaves on fire, starting a prescribed fire

New Weekly Blog:

Deer season is over and turkey season is just around the corner. That means the work is just beginning. Read more about our current projects on The Proving Grounds.



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A utilization cage in a food plot

Tip of the Week:

A utilization cage placed in a food plot after planting can help determine if there are too many critters for the amount of food in the area.