Bust Out the Grunt Calls!

By GrowingDeer,

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It is Friday, October 12th and Grant and I are finishing up a week long hunting trip in Georgia at Foxworthy Farms. It’s been a great week of fellowship but the hunting has been somewhat slow.

View from a Muddy treestand in Georgia

View from a Muddy treestand in Georgia

Temperatures here are averaging in the 70’s during the day and dipping into the upper 50’s at night, not enough of a change to get mature bucks on their feet during daylight hours. The good news is the temperatures are lower than yearly averages and we’re having reports of people seeing some mature bucks on their feet during daylight hours. We received a phone call from Brian, who was working on the The Proving Grounds this week, and caught a glimpse of Split Brow at 9 AM walking along the edge of a food plot! We hope he keeps that trend up! Grant and I also had a taste of this movement last night when we had a GREAT buck come into a green field just before last light on the opposite end of the field (just like the big boys usually do). Now with each day we’re noticing more and more scrapping and rubbing activity.

With all these reports coming to us from across the Midwest Grant and I decided to test our theories this morning with some grunting. Only a few minutes after grunting a nice 3.5 year old made an appearance, he was definitely looking for the source of the grunting. Even though he was only 3.5 years old it undoubtedly got our attention when it comes to call or don’t call.

I hope you get out and enjoy the cooler temperatures these next couple of days and hopefully harvest a nice buck! One thing is for sure it’s a beautiful time of year to get out and bow hunt! Make sure you’ve packed your grunt call!

Dreaming of Giant Whitetails together,