Why deer hunters should never give up – Episode #418

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Sitting it out and being patient are often the keys to harvesting a good buck. See Daniel tag a doe then patiently stay in the stand to let that doe lure in a buck. This bonus buck hunt ends with a bang, antlers and fresh venison! Then watch as Pro Staffer Jeff Therrell has multiple heart-sinking encounters with a hit list buck he calls “Wrecking Ball.” The story has a great ending as Jeff sticks it out and finally harvests this Kansas brute!

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Cleaning a venison backstrap before packaging

Short clip:

Do you send your deer meat to a processor or do it yourself? Here’s a short (less than 30 seconds) video showing how we clean up a backstrap before vacuum packaging and freezing.



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 Using a BoneView to view trail camera picturessPEcial offer:

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Venison calzone

new weekly blog:

Venison calzones are easy to customize to your family’s tastes. Here is a simple recipe that is sure to please!




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Using a Viking Tilt-N-Go to pack out a deer

Tip of the Week:

Using a cart is a great way for hunters to easily pack out their deer. Carts also help protect the cape should a hunter want to mount their harvest.