When Deer Hunting Keeps You Busy

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The GrowingDeer Team has been spending every morning and afternoon in the deer stand.  These long days have made writing a blog a lower priority.  I’m sure every deer hunter reading this can relate.

Since everyone is busy in the heat of intense deer hunting, instead of a blog about tactics for the rut, I’ve created this list of a few of our more popular rut hunting videos.  For varieties sake, these videos span almost 10 years of hunts.

If you’re hunting this week or if you’re just hanging out with family for the Thanksgiving holiday, perhaps these videos can provide ideas or tactics to use in your next hunt.

As always, thanks for watching GrowingDeer. We hope that you’ll check us out on social media, join the conversation with other hunters and share photos of your hunting success.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Tracy Woods


To watch a video, click on the underlined title.

Watch Grant tag a hit list buck in episode 419 on GrowingDeer.com.

Deer Hunting the Rut: Lock Down Location (Episode #419, Dec. 2017)

Deer hunting during the lock down phase of the rut requires a change of strategies. In this hunt, see the full story of how this hunting location was developed and the strategies used to pull together a successful hunt: location development and selection, the lure of a dead doe, multiple bucks chasing, field judging a buck’s age, and more! Watch the story and see Grant tag the hit list buck “Head Turner!”


Deer Hunting Mission Accomplished: Tagging Handy (Episode #366, Nov. 2016)

In this deer hunt, Grant set out with a mission to tag Handy, the buck that was at the top of the 2016 hit list. Watch this video to see the story of Handy and the final hunt unfold.  It’s a great story with lots of lessons learned while hunting.

4 Super Bucks Down, Rut!! Deer Hunting Strategies That Worked! (Episode #315, Dec. 2015)

Four hunters with four super bucks shot during rifle season in Missouri and Kentucky! The first hunt is Dr. Grant Woods who puts together a plan to hunt a buck based on his expected travel patterns. Then three more hunts from a Kentucky property that is now producing big bucks after just a couple of years of sound deer management and habitat improvement.

Deer Hunting | Perfect Combination of Cold Weather and Rut Action! (Episode #261, Nov. 2014)

The rut action heats up as the weather cools down for the best deer hunting of the season! Grant has a hot stand location between acorns and a bedding area where he takes a doe while bow hunting. Then on opening day of gun season, Rae Woods scores again – this time on a nice buck!

Hunting the Rut: Prime Time for Deer Hunting!  (Episode #258, Nov. 2014)

Hunting the different phases of the whitetail rut: where, how, and why for improved success in tagging a mature buck.

Hunting Whitetails in The Rut: Patience and Endurance (Episode #209, Nov. 2013)

It’s the rut and bucks are chasing does everywhere! In this episode 15-year-old Raleigh has an encounter with a shooter buck that needed to take just one more step! (1:00 to 2:19) Then Adam and Heath both go to Northern Missouri during prime time of the rut and it’s well worth the trip! See Adam’s hunt as he makes shoot/don’t shoot decisions on several bucks (2:24 to 5:48). Heath self-filmed his hunts and is rewarded with lots of buck activity. A shooter buck comes into bow range on the final day of the hunt. Watch this video and see the great job Heath does at self-filming and tagging a nice buck! (6:05 to 12:21).

Deer Hunting: First Buck Kill During The Chase Phase Of The Rut (Episode #104, Nov. 2011)

Hunting deer during the first week of Missouri’s gun season and a big buck comes out! It’s a hunt we won’t forget! It took a lot of work to get ready for this hunt, but all the work and planning this past summer paid off big dividends. Watch this episode (in the stand at 01:57 and the kill shot at 05:50) to see a nice buck killed with a long shot of 267 yards. I love it when a plan comes together!