What to Consider When Deciding To Log or Not

By GrowingDeer,

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Recently I was asked how someone should go about deciding whether to log a property in order to finance the purchase but also in consideration of what’s best for wildlife.

The question of whether to log or not is a personal/financial question. There’s no doubt that most hardwood logging for maximum profit results in a high-graded property. Essentially, loggers take the best and leave the rest. This would include the best mast bearing trees and leaving the immature, poor formed trees.

To improve the habitat, it’s much better to leave the best trees (oaks will grow very old in a healthy environment) and terminate the wounded and undesirable trees. When the forest canopy is full and not much light is reaching the soil use of double girdling and/or hack n squirting to terminate the low quality trees. The residual trees will be more productive and way more native grasses and forbs will grow (if there isn’t invasive exotics that will fill the void – such as bush honeysuckle, etc.).

When deciding whether to log or not, check out the neighborhood, properties with improved habitat attract way more critters than surrounding properties.

These are tough choices to make and I hope the above information provides a good foundation for the decision process.

Enjoy Creation,