Watch Young Guns: Turkey Hunting Action – Episode #334

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Watch kids tagging toms in GrowingDeer episode #334.

Watch this episode as the young guns have the Winchesters in hand! Success, struggles, and smiles during this turkey hunting action.

Rae takes advantage of our pre-season scouting technique. Watch it pay off within the first half hour of Missouri’s youth season.

Pro Staff members Heath and Lindsey Martin take out a youth hunter in Arkansas. Gracie Pate stays persistent and tags her first tom ever!

Young Trace Harker is set on tagging a longbeard. He hunts hard and has a great encounter. See if his hunt unfolds as planned.

This Week’s Blog: Matt explains how to properly get setup on a gobbler. This will help you tag more toms this turkey season!

A gobbler and a Hook’s turkey call.Tip of the Week:

When that gobbler hangs up, add some jake yelps to your calling sequence. This may make him jealous enough to close the distance.