Video Help

Are you having issues playing the videos?  Try these common troubleshooting steps.

  1. Try Without Browser Add-Ons / Plug-Ins
    Sometimes browser plugins can cause conflicts.  Try updating your browser to the latest version and disable all your plugins / add-ons.  This varies by browser.  Sometimes safe-mode / private browsing / incognito will disable plugins.  Or see this guide for commons methods.
  2. Try Another Browser
    Try playing the video in a different browser.  Eg.  Chrome or Firefox.  These are both free downloads.
  3. Try Re-Installing Adobe Flash
    Adobe Flash is a free download at  Try re-installing this, then restart your computer.
  4. Test Your Internet Connection
    Visit and test your Internet connection. If less than 500kbps, you likely don’t have enough speed for streaming videos at a good quality.
  5. Try Another Computer
    Try another computer from the same network and location.  This determines if the problem is specific to the computer or network.
  6. Firewall Problem?
    Are you at a large workplace?  Sometimes corporations use firewalls that block videos or games from being accessed.  Request your IT department whitelist or try playing videos from home.

Still having issues or want to send us technical feedback?

Please contact our tech team via this Response Form.  Someone will respond soon to troubleshoot any issues.