Turning up the Heat: Designing and Building a Hot Zone – Episode #445

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Deer hunting strategies and food plot tips images from episode #445

Hunting Strategies, Food Plots, Life

Watch this video for “how to” tips on a proven strategy to create a hot hunting location this fall! Plus, Grant travels to Bass Pro and speaks to “Good Dads” about the traits of a great father.

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doe in shade of tree in food plotNew blog: FOOD PLOTS AND HOT, NAKED soil

Soil temperature is very important to building and maintaining healthy soil. Find out how you can help your soil stay cool and productive!



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doe and fawn crossing gravel roadShort VIDEO Clip Of The WEek:

Fawns are dropping at The Proving Grounds! See the future of our deer herd!



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bog of Redmond Minerals Plot Rock being hand spread

Tip of the Week:

Using a HotZone electric fence now is a proven technique to create a honey hole for deer season! Standing grain is a great deer attractant! Put a fence up now to protect beans in small plots or in front of your blind then allow them to make a full crop of pods.