Turkey Kickoff: Chasing Kansas and Arkansas Gobblers – Episode #439

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Two hunters show off their gobblers from Kansas and ArkansasNew Video

Daniel recently headed to central Kansas to kick off his turkey season with an archery hunt! There was a lot of turkey action and feathers were flying. Plus, Heath Martin tags a mature mountain tom in Arkansas, during opening day!

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tom turkeys with hens in woodland settingNew blog:

Turkey hunting is not always easy. Some days hunters just have to work harder and smarter to get those toms within range. We share some of our tricks here.



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A gobbler lets a gobble looseShort VIDEO:

If toms aren’t talking where you hunt and you’re just itching to hear a gobble, then this video will fire you up!




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We use a Caldwell FieldPod when turkey hunting

Tip of the Week:

A Caldwell FieldPod can keep your gun in the ready position so you’re not scrambling to get the gun up when a silent tom walks in.