Peak of Predation

By GrowingDeer,

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Fawning and nesting season occurs at a great time of year.  The temperatures are warming, and most vegetation is at its peak of both production and quality.  It is the best time of year for deer, turkey, quail, and other game in many ways.  It’s also the toughest time of year for these same species.

Coyotes and other predators are extremely skilled at consuming fawns, eggs, and poults.  In fact, in many instances this is the time of year when losses to predation are at the highest.  A coyote can kill multiple fawns.  Several recent research projects have documented predators consuming 70+% of newborn fawns!!  A single raccoon can destroy multiple turkey nests and consume dozens of eggs.

The old theory that as long as ample cover is available, predators are not a problem has been disproven by multiple well-designed research projects.  However, hunters and managers should find encouragement in that significant increases (100+%) in fawn and poult survival have been reported in association with predator removal.  These huge increases in fawn/poult survival are certainly enough evidence and motivation for me to practice predator control at The Proving Grounds and on my clients’ properties.

Calling coyotes is a great management tool and can be effective during the spring.  Calling coyotes is one of the most enjoyable and exciting hunting techniques around.  I can’t think of many activities that are better than an enjoyable hunt and knowing that I’m directly helping the local deer and turkey populations.  I’ll be calling coyotes this spring so my family and I will continue to have quality hunting opportunities this fall.  I hope you will join me in this important and fun wildlife management activity!

Growing Deer together,