Turkey Hunting: Pops Tags Out (Again!) – Episode #389

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Watch Pops Woods tags a gobbler and tips for food plot success in GrowingDeer episode #389.

New Video

Watch as Pops Woods tags out during the second week of Missouri’s turkey season! Plus, tips to protect the soil for maximum food plot success! Don’t miss the rare video of a coyote nabbing a fawn!

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Gobblers in a fieldShort Clip:

Watch toms strut their stuff in this awesome strutting video!



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Cover crop versus erosion

New Weekly Blog:

Find out how cover crops saved our food plots during recent massive flooding!





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Boots drying on ScentCrusher Ozone Equipment Station

Tip of the Week:

Turkey hunting can rack up a lot of miles on boots. Drying and deodorizing boots after each hunt is a great way to help protect your feet for the next hunt.