Reviewing Management Practices

By GrowingDeer,

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I like to review the success or failure of all management practices implemented on my projects. Each hunting season is a management practice that produces quantifiable results (harvests) that can be compared year to year or from property to property.

We harvested six mature gobblers and one jake (GDTV 23).  We had more opportunities that did not end with a harvest for various reasons — the camera and shooter weren’t lined up together, etc.  Every hunter except one saw mature toms in harvest range.  Three hunters harvested their first bird.  Any way you measure, it was a great turkey season at The Proving Grounds!  However, other folks in our county didn’t share in our success.  The Proving Grounds is split by the Stone/Taney county line.  The following data indicates that that turkey population in Taney County is down.

Article containing 2010 Missouri county harvest totals

However, the establishment of good food, cover, and predator control helped build a great turkey population.  It was an oasis for wildlife and for hunters.  We enjoyed a fabulous turkey season at The Proving Grounds!  The good news is — you too can create your own oasis by implementing good habitat and population management programs and strategies.

Growing Deer (and turkeys) together,