North Creek Turkey Hunting

By GrowingDeer,

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I returned from turkey hunting in Knox County, IL early this morning (2 am).  It was a very enjoyable hunt!  Even though it was raining and cold my hunting partner, Michael Engelmeyer, harvested a mature tom that responded to his calls.  I also had some birds respond.  Two jakes approached within a few yards of my blind the last morning of the hunt.  Then, about 11 am (turkey hunting is only legal till 1pm each day during season in IL) a mature bird came into view about 80 yards away.  He had been gobbling in response to my calls.  Blake, the editor, was with me and we were confident the tom would close the gap.  After he strutted at the crest of the hill so long Blake turned off the camera, the tom started our way.  He took a right turn rather than coming straight at about 40 yards out.  I wasn’t worried as the occasional gobble confirmed he hadn’t ventured far out of our sight.  At 12:40 pm I did begin to doubt he would offer a shot.  At 12:55 he appeared at 38 yards… That was an easy shot with my shotgun – that was in gun safe in Missouri.  38 yards is a bit far for me to shoot at a turkey with a bow in windy conditions.

I pulled the release off at 1 pm and joined Michael to celebrate his success!  There are those that joke about eating tag soup – a term describing what a hunter has to eat when they didn’t harvest a critter and all he has to eat is his tag.  I’ve came home with tag soup many times in my hunting career.   However, my experience tag has almost always been full after a hunt.  I learned more about a beautiful property (North Creek).  Michael shared with me some of his late season turkey tactics and I observed several bucks with velvet antlers above their ears already!  I hope you have the opportunity to fill your experience tag soon!

Growing Deer together,