Another Gobbler!

By GrowingDeer,

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Darrell Avery’s turkey: 24.4 lbs, 12” beard, 1 7/16” spursThis morning I headed out early to go turkey hunting with my brother-in-law, Darrell Avery. The morning started slow and quiet, the birds didn’t gobble off the roost. About an hour after sunrise we started to hear a few gobbles in the distance. Being a cut and run turkey hunter normally I would’ve headed off towards the gobbles. But having a camera in tow, we had incentive to wait it out. A hen pitched directly in front of our blind, ignored the decoy and fed all the way out of the food plot. Awhile later, after a bit more aggressive calling, a mature bird walked directly to the jake decoy – silently. I was filming away and could tell that Darrell was eager to fire. So I gave a single yelp and the gobbler stuck his head up and Darrell made the shot. After a few high fives we saw two more toms run in. This is something I’ve got to learn about blinds versus cut and run hunting – blinds can limit your peripheral vision. I could have made the shot at the 2nd adult tom, but I saved it for another episode of

Growing Deer together,