Scouting Gobblers (Episode 227 Transcript)

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ADAM: We got three here, one or two there and then it sounded like four that way. We’ve been here about 20 minutes; heard a lot of birds, over ten. Sounds like there’ll be plenty of birds for us to chase when season opens up in about a month. Had a beautiful sunrise. It’s been an awesome morning.

GRANT: This time of year the toms are very vocal and tend to be flocked up, so you can hear a lot of gobbling from one location.

ADAM: I’ve heard so many birds this morning. There was three that way.

GRANT: Over the next couple of weeks these larger flocks will begin breaking up and even some of the dominant toms will strike out on their own to claim their own territory.

GRANT: Typically, dominant toms will find a ridge point or some prominent area to gobble from and let the surrounding area know all hens are welcome here.

GRANT: Another way we’ll keep scouting is by using our Reconyx cameras to monitor food plots.

GRANT: Often, there might be a deer or turkey in the far end of the food plot and it’s simply too far away to trigger the camera sensor.

ADAM: You may be wondering, how in the world are we getting pictures of turkeys on the other end of the food plot, when it’s not able to set off the motion sensor. Well, we’re going to use the time lapse feature on our Reconyx cameras.

GRANT: A great way to monitor the entire field, even the area out of reach of the camera sensor, is to use the time lapse feature on a Reconyx camera. A really important variable is the height you place the camera. A lot of our fields here at The Proving Grounds have a three or four or five foot roll in ‘em and if you set it at normal height, you may not see turkeys at the far end of the field. We often take a stepladder out into the woods and place our cameras at 10 or even 15 feet high, pointed down slightly so we can monitor the whole field – even through the rolling terrain of the Ozark Mountains.

GRANT: While we’re out positioning our cameras to pattern turkeys using our food plots, we always take time to put a fresh Trophy Rock out in front of each camera. We keep Trophy Rocks out year round but we especially want to make sure they’re available during the spring.

ADAM: It’s important to have minerals out in the spring ‘cause not only are the antlers starting to grow, but the does are also in their gestation period and they’ll use the mineral to produce healthier fawns and ultimately, we’ll have a healthier deer herd.

GRANT: During this time of year, bucks are starting to grow antlers, does are heavy, carrying fawns, and they need access to all the trace minerals their bodies need to express their full genetic potential.

GRANT: We place our Trophy Rocks in the same place year after year. That way the deer get conditioned to find that beneficial source of minerals in the same place and it’s easy for us to monitor the same bucks year after year by using this system.

GRANT: You’ve probably noticed from our pictures we place our Trophy Rock and Reconyx cameras on the edge of food plots frequently. That’s a great position because it allows us to monitor where turkeys are strutting and get ample pictures of deer so we can watch those antlers developing and when fawns are hitting the ground.

GRANT: I really enjoy habitat projects throughout the year and I also enjoy shooting my bow, even during the off season. Gives me a lot of confidence once I’m up in a tree stand. This year, I’ll test my confidence a little early. May 16th through 18th, at Seven Springs Resort in Pennsylvania is gonna be the Prime Total Archery Challenge. A great shoot with over 100 targets. Why don’t you come join me? Maybe even shoot a round or two with me at Prime’s Total Archery Challenge.

GRANT: Whether you’re shooting your bow our putting some Trophy Rocks out, it is really important to slow down and enjoy Creation and more importantly, take some time and listen to what the Creator is saying to you. Thanks for watching

ADAM: And another tip – and another tip – is it really a tip? I got her this time. Another thing we’re to doing. (laughter)

ADAM: Not only are the antlers growing, but those fawns are in their gestation – what’d I sa—does!

AJ: Even our fawns have fawns.

ADAM: Give me a second. I need more salt.