Redneck Hunting (Episode 135 Transcript)

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GRANT: Here we go.


GRANT: June 18th and another hot, dry, windy day here at The Proving Grounds but I’m extremely excited because last week we all jumped in and put up a Redneck Blind in what may be the best place we’ve put one yet. Stay tuned and we’ll tell you why and where.

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GRANT: There’s a portion of The Proving Grounds we call the 50 Acre Glade. It’s a fifty acre bedding area that used to be covered in cedar trees. Years ago we cut those cedar trees and have since burned it to keep the hardwood brush down some. And it’s become a huge bedding area.

GRANT: There’s really been no way to hunt that area appropriately. But we have hunted the edges of it. Matt successfully took a mature buck there on the edge last year. And Adam took a doe and we’ve had some other neat observations but as far as peering into it and really effectively hunting it we just did not have the technique because of the lay of the land and how it rolled around to do any good in that part of the property.

GRANT: We recently learned that Redneck Blinds had come out with a 15’ new tower to put their blinds on top of. Adam and Brian confirmed that at that height, 15’, we could in fact see everything we needed to see. So I made arrangements to get another Redneck Blind. I want to get it up during the summer so the deer have all kinds of time to get conditioned to that new tower in their area.

GRANT: (Whispering) Man, oh, man.

GRANT: (Whispering) I see him, I’m on him. Broadside. I’m not takin’ it, he’s gonna move. There he goes.

GRANT: (Whispering) Good buck, really good buck.

ADAM: (Whispering) If you could shoot him, if you could shoot him right there I’m on it.

GRANT: The ability to just put up a Redneck Blind anywhere and not having to have (Inaudible) or carry 12’ four by fours or anything like that made it possible for us to slide down in this bedding area about a hundred yards on a south facing slope.

GRANT: Blind went together rapidly on the ground because everything matches up and fits and all the parts and pieces are easy to understand but that doesn’t get a 15’ blind from laying on its side where you put it together to stood up where you can hunt out of it.

GRANT: Safety is always first at The Proving Grounds. And anywhere you stand up a big Redneck Blind you want to anchor the legs so when you’re using your four wheeler as leverage to pull it over it doesn’t slide downhill. So, we’ve simply driven one of the stakes, that we’ll later use to pin the legs down to the ground, and a ratchet strap – that way when we’re pulling the blind over the bottom leg doesn’t want to slide downhill.

GRANT: The guys at Redneck had shared a simple technique with me just to use a winch on the front of the ATV; to just simply pull the blind up nice and slowly so everything would be under control.

GRANT: Had to be cautious ’cause it’s a pretty big downhill slope and a little too much might of just made a toboggan ride down the hill.


GRANT: (Inaudible)


GRANT: One, two, three, go! Nope, come back towards me. There he is, there it is. Right there. It’s in. And that’s pretty level right there.

GRANT: Adam and I couldn’t wait to get inside and check out the view, see our potential shooting lanes and just already start fantasizing about hunting there this fall.

GRANT: Now we talking. Yeah. Yeah we are. We just gonna, I don’t even think (Inaudible) just trim a bunch of limbs.

ADAM: Okay.

GRANT: And look at this, oh my gosh.

ADAM: Oh, I know. Okay..

GRANT: So you could get over, you can film out of that. You can pull back here and have all that to film. Oh my gosh. I think we’ll be able to mow a bunch of this Adam.

ADAM: Yeah.

GRANT: I, I think, I think we’re good guys. We’re up here fantasizing.

ADAM: Ready when you are.

GRANT: The safety’s off.

ADAM: Okay.

GRANT: Here we go. Here we go.

ADAM: Okay.

ADAM: He’s down.

GRANT: He’s down. He’s rollin’ down the hill. 267 buddy, that’s a smile. (Laughter).

GRANT: Oh thank you Lord Jesus. That was awesome!

GRANT: Woo-baby!

GRANT: Given the steepness of the topography at this location Adam and I can approach from the east and north, come over the hill, get in the blind. Unless that deer is bedded right by the blind there’s just no way they are gonna detect us with a south and west wind. They can’t see us, they can’t smell us, the first thing they’re gonna know is when Winchester barks.

GRANT: While it’s still summer, we’ll go in there and clean some shooting lanes out and be ready for this fall.

GRANT: This is a great time to get out and enjoy Creation. And take your family out now and let them help with these projects so they’ll really appreciate the benefit of having those projects completed come deer season. Thanks for watching

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