Redneck Bow Hunting Action (Episode 202 Transcript)

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GRANT: I love it. It’s that time of year.

GRANT: We brought some venison home the Redneck way and I took my daughter on her first bow hunt.

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GRANT: Some guys don’t think about hunting out of an enclosed elevated blind when they’re bow hunting. That’s a mistake if you’ve got a food source close enough by cause that blind is very comfortable, hides all your movement, and contains a bunch of your scent.

GRANT: While we were scouting and checking our Reconyx cameras, we noted one big white oak right in the middle of Big Boom food plot was raining acorns. Even better, there’s a Redneck blind about 20 yards from that white oak. The blind is on the east side of the tree, so we were just waiting for a western wind so we could hop in the Redneck and see about bringing some venison home.

GRANT: (Whispering) Really excited about this hunt tonight because Adam checked our Reconyx cameras today and we had a lot of action and we know why. There’s a large white oak right in front of this Redneck blind, it’s raining acorns. Sure hope one of our Hit List buck comes in. But if a doe comes by, I’m letting an arrow fly.

GRANT: (Whispering) The MRI, most recent information, from Reconyx cameras was perfect. We haven’t been here 30 minutes, got the first doe down.

GRANT: (Whispering) Just a little early cause I thought the shot might be a little bit far back to get both lungs. Got down just a little bit early cause I thought the shot might have been a little far back for double lungs at that angle. Right here at the edge of the field I’ve got good blood. I don’t think this is gonna take long.

GRANT: (Whispering) It drilled right through the off shoulder. I mean right through it.

GRANT: We do an annual trail camera survey every year, so we get a real accurate estimate of how many deer we have on the property. We compare that to amount of food we have. We know we need to take about two does per hundred acres; doe number one tagged.

GRANT: It was a relatively short drag. Albeit was extremely steep uphill and I sure was glad to see the food plot when we got close enough.

GRANT: Last night we had another west wind and my daughter didn’t have much homework, so I took Raleigh on her first bow hunt ever.

RALEIGH: (Whispering) Is it green?

GRANT: (Whispering) Yeah.

GRANT: Once Raleigh and I got all set up and I started looking around, I was stunned at how much the Broadside food plot blend had grown in less than a week since Adam and I had harvested that doe. It’s extremely rewarding to plant a food plot and put the fertilizer down and see the results. But I was a little bit discouraged when I saw deer feeding on the Broadside versus coming to the oak tree.

GRANT: Raleigh and I saw some deer about 80 yards out the back of the blind and had four more deer come up toward the oak tree, but no deer came and fed under the tree as they were all focused on the Broadside blend.

GRANT: I took a doe earlier this week and that’s great. But Tracy and I like to finish the hunt by processing the meat, preparing that fine food for our family.

GRANT: Sometimes we use a processor to make specialty sausages or other products, but I got to tell ya, it’s very satisfying to process the meat at home and especially when you have friends and family over and they’re sitting around enjoying one of Ms. Tracy’s meals.

GRANT: I think some folks are misled and think you have to have a fancy processing center to make the meat. But that’s not true. Just a sharp knife, cutting board, helps if you have a vacuum sealer, and you can make great, hormone free meat for your family and really feel the full force of being a hunter.

GRANT: Whatever activities you’re involved in, I hope you take time to enjoy Creation and most importantly, slow down and listen to what the Creator is saying to you. Thanks for watching