Killing Does for Dinner and Herd Health (Episode 150 Transcript)

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GRANT: October 2nd and a thrilling hunt ended up with some more tenderloin in the freezer.

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GRANT: There’s not a lot of days with an east wind here at the Proving Grounds, so we don’t have a lot of stands set for an eastern wind. Adam and I took advantage of that East wind to scout and hunt North Boom. We have a Reconyx not too far from the stand; up fairly high on the tree and we’ve got it on time lapse, so it’s taking a picture every five minutes from six to nine a.m. and six to nine p.m. The images from that time lapse series gave Adam and I a lot of confidence going into that stand.

GRANT: As the evening progressed we ended up seeing a total of ten deer, including a couple two-and-a-half year old bucks. None of the deer fed within shooting range but it was a great afternoon and they gave us a lot of M.R.I., most recent information, for when the wind shifted and we could hunt the other end.

GRANT: We have a Redneck blind set in the middle of a field we call Big Boom. One concern about having a Redneck blind in the middle of a big food plot is because there’s windows all around so the hunter has great viewing area. The deer can also see in and possibly to take movement when they’re silhouetted in an open field.

GRANT: As usual, Redneck has the answers and they have curtains that fit very easily over the windows; a camouflaged one so you can see through but the deer really can’t see in, or an all black one that will black out the back of the blind so deer possibly can’t see movement coming from the other side.

GRANT: As a testimony of the soundproof and scent-proof qualities of a Redneck blind, as Adam and I were in there talking and working, a yearling buck came out 100 yards or so away and walked and fed all the way passed us in the blind.

GRANT: As that front moved through and the winds changed, Brian and I had an opportunity to go back to North Boom. We got in the stand quiet and fairly early and we’re feeling really good about this hunt. Based on the Reconyx pictures and the previous evening, I really assumed that deer were going to come out to the left of our stand. But deer being deer, as Brian and I were setting there, we heard the deer approaching from right behind us. It’s these situations that really test your scent control. Brian and I went in at a stand planning on one wind, but as the evening came on, the wind swirled a little bit and the deer and the wind came from the opposite direction.

GRANT: I’m a huge fan of taking the first clean, possible shot opportunity, but it just wasn’t happening when the deer started throwing their head up looking towards the back of the field. A larger doe and another fawn entered and kind of caused all the deer to be shifting around and we ended up with two deer bedded down in the back of the field and one doe that just wouldn’t give me a shot opportunity.

GRANT: (Shot). (Whispering) Golly. Did you see that? She ducked that shot. (Shot). You can see that Nockturnal nock. You saw her go down, even without me playing it on the camera. Miss Tracy not gonna be happy. ‘Cause no tenderloin out of that doe.

GRANT: Before we had time to replay the footage on the camera, deer started working their way back towards the plot. Having one doe just jump the string at 30, there was no way I was launching an arrow at 40 yards.

GRANT: (Shot). (Whispering) She’s down. Oh, it looks great. After an extremely long, intense hunt backstrap tonight for Ms. Tracy.

GRANT: Oh, man.

GRANT: Great hunt this afternoon. Ms. Tracy told me to add some more tenderloins and the ham to the freezer. That was my mission. (Shot). Mission accomplished.

RAE: I’m an evil scientist going to cut the deer.

GRANT: Using Foxworthy’s Hanging Judge, the only problem with it, it’s so accurate, you can’t lie to your buddies. 114.6 pounds whole weight.

GRANT: It’s now October and seasons are open in almost every state in America. I hope you have a chance to get out, do some preparation, go hunting, take a moment to think about Creation and the Creator. Thanks for watching