Hunting The Redneck Way (Episode 162 Transcript)

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GRANT: December 20th. A little bit of a short week as the Growing Deer Team prepares for Christmas, but a bunch of action. Adam and Brian had a chance to go hunting with the Redneck guys. They come back with some whopping stories of does, bobcats and a Christmas turkey.

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ADAM: Earlier this week the guys from Redneck Blinds called and said they had a great pattern of some turkeys so Brian and I jumped in the truck and headed to Lamar, Missouri.

ADAM: Here in Missouri, you can bow hunt during the muzzleloader season. So I jumped in a Redneck with Russ and his bow and Brian jumped in a blind with Jerry and a muzzleloader. The bottom field we were hunting had a lot of deer activity and a lot of turkey activity so we’re set up on opposite ends of the field, hoping that one of us would have some success.

RUSS: Today’s December the 18th. We’re out trying to get a Christmas turkey here at the Redneck hunting lease. We’re in a portable blind that we set up on the edge of a field here and we’ve got some turkeys patterned and it’s a big group of ‘em so hopefully, we can get one isolated and get him to walk by here and we’ll be able to get a shot on one.

ADAM: Not long after sunrise Russ and I spotted movement in the field. They started angling their way along the edge of the field so I let out a few squeaks, but they weren’t having any of it. They went out of sight and about 30 minutes later, we started hearing the turkeys cackling.

ADAM: (Whispering) It sounds like it’s still behind us.

ADAM: It wasn’t much longer we started hearing them fly down and head our way. Two, five, fifteen turkeys, 50+ turkeys head onto the field and now we’re just hoping they’re headed our way.

ADAM: Now, we had a flock of about 20 hens behind the blind off camera. They were calling, yelping, cackling and it was just enough to tease these young jakes.

RUSS: (Whispering) How far? That’s about 20 yards. Look at that. This is good video here.

ADAM: He drills it. It flies off, lands in the midst of all the other birds and dies…

RUSS: Oh, Wow.

ADAM: …and it’s Christmas turkey at Russ’ house.

RUSS: (Whispering) I can’t believe I missed that first one.

ADAM: (Whispering) I can’t believe they stood there and let you shoot again.

BRIAN: Oh my gosh, they’re all coming right to him.

JERRY: Right. (Inaudible)…try to kill it

BRIAN: They got the Redneck and the turkeys in the shot now. Did he shoot?

JERRY: Oh yeah. Shot. It appeared the shot was made 30/35 yards.

RUSS: Well there it is. Right there. Look at that. Still glowing. Oh, yup. The one that missed. (Chuckling) Little jake. Got a couple, 2 inch beard on it. Wow, look at that. The broadhead’s missing. Completely gone off the end of it. Sure ripped a massive hole in a bird like that. Can’t believe he went as far as he did. Wow. It’s a young bird. But it’ll be good eating.

ADAM: Now that Russ has his Christmas turkey, we decided to pick up the muzzleloader and see if we could harvest a nice deer.

ADAM: It was a very eventful afternoon, but it was highlighted with a flock of 27 long beards in the field in front of us.

BRIAN: 209 in the back. You know that’s where they’re going to be.

JERRY: That’s exactly where they’re gonna be. Tonight, as we did this morning, we’re looking to do some deer management on this farm; reduce the doe number. And again, we will also be donating this, uh to the food pantry. So, we’ll see what happens.

BRIAN: (Whispering) That fawn is in the way.

JERRY: (Whispering) Yeah.

BRIAN: (Whispering) They’re gonna come right by that cedar tree.

JERRY: (Whispering) Probably.

BRIAN: (Whispering) Is that the mature doe facing us? Yeah, that’s the button buck to the right. I think that’s the doe. Ready?

JERRY: (Whispering) Yeah.

BRIAN: (Whispering) Good shot. Good shot.

JERRY: (Whispering) That’s one for the management team.

BRIAN: (Whispering) That’s right.

JERRY: (Whispering) Yeah.

BRIAN: (Whispering) What is that?

JERRY: (Whispering) That’s a bobcat, isn’t it?

BRIAN: (Whispering) Yeah it is. You want to take it? It’s gonna come right at us. Steady. Hang on. Hang on. Let him clear that, clear that grass. I can’t see him.

JERRY: (Whispering) I can’t either.

BRIAN: (Whispering) There he is. Ready?

JERRY: Uh, oh.

BRIAN: This is going to be easy. He just sat down. He just sat down. You sure it’s not a house cat?

JERRY: (Whispering) Oh no, that’s, that’s a bob kitty.

BRIAN: (Whispering) I’m ready when you are. Good shot. Good shot.

JERRY: (Whispering) Smoked him.

BRIAN: (Whispering) Smoked him.

RUSS: There’s turkeys all over over there. We were just walking down here to check on our companions and we happened to see a bobcat come running across the food plot and, so we sat down real quick and just about the time we got a little bit closer, saw the shoot and the powder fly and I think there’s a bobcat laying on the ground now, too. So, we’re going to go check it out and see what’s – seems like they’ve had all the activity today.

JERRY: She started to walk out in this opening and then she seen, she seen the blind over there and really liked it and just walked right to it. (Chuckling)

RUSS: Good.

JERRY: You heard the shot when we were coming down the road?

RUSS: We did. We saw that whole thing. Yeah. Oh yeah, I saw it in the food plot. When we stopped up there, I’m, like, “What’s that?”

JERRY: Well, you know, to further enhance the story, when I reloaded, I forgot to…

RUSS: Primer.

JERRY: …put a new primer in and the first shot snapped.

RUSS: Snapped.

JERRY: Hopefully, we spared a few turkey lives this, this winter.

RUSS: There’s probably, probably a few too many birds around here, but I prefer to be the one that’s killing them instead of that bobcat.

JERRY: Yeah, I mean, I think I like the taste of them better than he does.

BRIAN: This was a great morning with the guys from Redneck. Jerry and I had tons of fun. Harvested a large doe. Helped the management team; was able to donate the meat to the county food harvest. Took a predator out. All in all, it was a great morning.

GRANT: As we prepare for 2013, I hope you all have a safe and prosperous New Year and most importantly, I hope you have time to have a great relationship with the Creator. Thanks for watching