Food Plots: The Ultimate Transformation for Hunting Success (Episode 341 Transcript)

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ADAM: This week we’re turning an existing food plot into a late season honey hole and also tuning up that Prime Rize and getting it ready for deer season.

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GRANT: (Whispering) You got him, you got him. He’s not going anywhere.

RALEIGH: (Whispering) He’s a nice deer though.

GRANT: You got him.

GLEN: (Inaudible) backing out.

UNKNOWN: Oh man.

ADAM: With Grant taking his father to the Mayo Clinic this week for a check-up, we went ahead and got to work improving one of the food plots here at The Proving Grounds.

ADAM: That is one big bonfire waiting to happen right there.

ADAM: We’ve never been able to hunt this portion of Crab Apple because of the islands and the limited visibility. The summer months can often mean hot temperatures, lots of sweat, ticks, snakes, and all the other critters that come out in those months. But it can also mean drastically improving your hunting and food plot locations.

ADAM: We’re here in Crab Apple food plot. You’ve probably heard Daniel and the interns running the chainsaws back behind us. That’s ‘cause today we’re improving the huntability of this location as well as increasing the amount of acreage that we can plant in this plot.

ADAM: Years ago when Grant established this food plot, he left these small circles on the interior of the field that had species that were beneficial to the wildlife. But over time, they’ve started being choked out or crowded out by cedars, elms, and other species that aren’t beneficial to the wildlife. So, it’s time that they have to go.

ADAM: With a little elbow grease and power tools and the help of our interns, we were able to cut all the vegetation out of these islands, stack it in the center where the islands used to be, and prepare it for burning this summer. We’ll return this fall to plant it in Eagle Seed Broadside.

ADAM: Gonna stop the work for a second and introduce our newest intern, Mark Baker. Of course, we introduced Chance Vorderstrasse last week at the Hot Zone Fence. Mark joined us this week – helping us with one of our big projects.

ADAM: Standing next to a large brush pile which used to be one of the islands – cut all the trees off at ground level, piled ‘em in the center, nice and tight, gettin’ ‘em ready to burn. We have six islands total across this field. So, once they’re all removed and burned off, we’re gonna gain about an acre to plant in this food plot.

ADAM: It’s important when you’re cutting trees or saplings out of a food plot and you don’t want the problem to reoccur. Once you cut the tree, you treat it with a herbicide within a few minutes to kill the roots to make sure the problem doesn’t come back.

ADAM: This is another reason why we’re removing these islands out of the center of the field, we’ve got a groundhog hole. There are several of these throughout the islands – armadillo holes – they’re all living in these islands. Coming out, eating the soybeans or armadillos are digging around making other holes out in the field for the tractor driver to run over.

ADAM: It’s also creating ambush points for coyotes – to hide in these islands – of the deer or fawns or turkey poults come out here. So, we’re removing the islands that aren’t providing much benefit and replacing it with high quality forage with the Eagle Seed food plots.

ADAM: So, we’ll come in with a 15’ Redneck. Hunt it on a west or northwest wind – there’s no islands or thickets obstructing our view. We’ll have standing Eagle Seed beans or some Eagle Seed Broadside mixed in. And this could turn into our favorite place to be during the late season.

ADAM: Recently a box from Prime Bows showed up. I was happy to see it was a Prime Rize so I couldn’t wait to get it set up. Well, it’s an exciting day. Got the Prime Rize in just recently, headed up to Bass Pro today getting ready to head in and get it all set up.

ADAM: Well, I’m always excited to set up a new bow. Decided to come in to Bass Pro, met up with Jacob – he’s trained at doing this sort of stuff, so we got the CMAX rest, that’s gonna be our first step in setting it up and getting it ready to shoot.

ADAM: I’ve been shooting the CMAX rest for several years now. I love the full containment drop away feature. So, it’s time to put it on the bow.

ADAM: (Inaudible) The next step was to get the peep sight on and get it all adjusted.

ADAM: Well, now that Jacob has the rest and the peep sight on, it’s time for the sights – trying out the RedHead BlackOut sights this year. It’s a five pin. The great thing about it is, the fiber optics are completely protected all the way through the sight, but there is still housing on top to pull in plenty of light so it won’t be any problem to see the pins during that lunar light.

ADAM: Here we go, Jacob. You ready?

JACOB: Okay.

ADAM: I’ll let you have it.

JACOB: Alright.

ADAM: Looks pretty good. Now that we have the rest, the sights and the peep on – it’s time to cut the BloodSports and start fine tuning the bow.

ADAM: With the Prime Rize all set up – it’s time to give it a few test runs.

ADAM: Well the Prime Rize is all set up. Now we’re just waiting on deer season. Jacob, we appreciate everything.

JACOB: No problem.

ADAM: We’ll get out of here.

JACOB: You guys have a good one. Come see us.

ADAM: Will do.

ADAM: Man that feels good.

ADAM: Got the Rize all set up this morning at Bass Pro Shops. Took a few shots this afternoon – got her lined up. Now the practice begins for deer season.

ADAM: If you want more tips, tricks, or behind the scene footage, check out our weekly blog or clips page. We’re always putting footage on there. So, there’s plenty of stuff for you to check out.

ADAM: Whether you’re sighting in a new bow, getting ready for deer season, or doing a little habitat work, remember to do it all for the glory of God. Thanks for watching GrowingDeer.

ADAM: On, but…

MATT: I don’t know why you’re aiming up there.

ADAM: Heart. No wonder, I went the opposite way. I’ve never had a place.

MATT: Blake, don’t use that please.

ADAM: Yeah.

ADAM: Double lung.

MATT: He’s just making it out of the food plot.

ADAM: (Whispering) Hey, hey, stay on him, he’s going – he went down!