October Bow Hunting & Scouting the Gallagher Gates (Episode 49 Transcript)

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WOODS: (Whispering) It’s October 20th; early morning.  Coolest it’s been in a while.  44 or something like that.

WOODS: (Whispering) There’s no doubt that deer responded to the rattling.  My gosh.  And I consider myself fairly good at interpreting deer behavior.  But I can’t tell if she wanted a date so she come running in or was mad no one was here.  Or if she’s the old playground teacher and she thought two boys were fighting and she wanted to break ’em up, but she was mad one way or the other.  It’s about ten o’clock and activity’s getting slow.  It’s always a trade off of going back to the office and getting some work done or staying out here.  I’d rather stay out here but then I feel guilty if I’m not getting some work done, so we’re probably going to bail out pretty soon.

BROOKE: (Whispering) Well, it’s October 23rd.  Me and Brad are back up in the tree.  We hunted this morning.  Seen several gobblers and some jakes and had a good morning.  Just no deer.  And, uh, we had a row here in front of us.  Brad knows and Grant knows a lot of tracks cut across this saddle right here.  A lot of deer travel back and forth.  Well, they throw a camera up.  A Reconyx camera about 20 yards from us.  Pictures of the Inward Brow 10, which is on their Hit List, coming through a couple evenings ago at daylight.  A little bit before dark a couple of evenings ago.  We moved in here this afternoon and on this stand quiet as we could.  Slipped in and started hunting it.

BROOKE: We’re going to hang tight as long as we can, but I don’t think Grant wants to get his camera all too wet.  So we’re going to see what happens.

BROOKE: Well, it’s almost 5:30.  We made it about two hours.  The rain just rolled in on us.  It just got too wet.  Uh, wind got to picking up.  With thunder kept going off.

MORMANN:  Here’s a stop.  We’re talking about how we use a Gallagher fence to help keep the deer out of this small food plot.  We got a ton of cover up here on the hill; they’re coming down and they wear on our food plot in this particular location.  With this fence, we can allow the forage to grow.  We can put up our blind right over here and have a great hunting spot come this fall.

MORMANN: It’s October 23rd and today we’re going to open up our gate to our food plot here.  We’ve been, had, the soybeans protected all summer long.  Growing; put it on those great soybean pods and now it’s time to reap the rewards of that food plot.  We’ve got a blind right over here.  It’s in the perfect place for when the deer to come through this gate and potentially allow us to harvest them.  We’ve got youth season coming up next week.  Other people that like to hunt and in the following weeks the rut’s coming.  Uh, what better place to, to set up your tree stand or your blind.

MORMANN: All right.  Well, I think we’re all set.  It took about two minutes.  We got the fence open.  Now, it’s just time to come in on the right day and the right wind.  Uh, stay tuned and we’ll see how it all goes.

WOODS: Raleigh carved a pumpkin.  We can find another little spot and we can put it up there if you want to (fades out)