Fall Food Plots in a Hurry (Episode 42 Transcript)

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WOODS: Good morning.  Early September 8th here at The Proving Grounds and we’ll be hustling all day today, so bear with us.  As you know, we’ve been in a wicked drought.  About 16 weeks with one major rainfall event.  We’ve been fighting drought all summer.  Eagle Seed beans have held on miraculously well.  Antler development is okay.  It’s great, but we’re probably down ten percent, I’m estimating, from what we could be if we’d had better growing conditions.  Plants transferring nutrients up, antlers growing; fawns growing.  Trying to catch up now.  A tropical storm hit Texas.  Shifted.  Coming our way, unexpectedly.  I was working out of town yesterday, so we’re hustling all day today.  We’re going to replant some of our areas because we’ve got rain coming.  We’ve got to get in before the rain because we’re 40, less than 45 days away from our first frost date.  The first frost date here, average, is about October 14th.  We need seed in the ground.  Would like to have it 45 days before the first frost.  But, we had no soil moisture.  We’ve got moisture coming.  They’re calling for a three inch dump.  We’re not going to be able to plant for a while after that dump, so it’s today.  But we’re gonna git ‘er done today.  So, hang on.  Keep that raincoat at bay, because we’re going hard ‘til the rain hits.

WOODS: We’re out at daylight recalibrating the drill because I decided to up our seeding rate a little bit.  A big rain is predicted.  Two to three inches.  We had just mowed some vegetation down.  Normally, I like to mow it a week or two ahead of time so it’s, some, decomposed a little bit and the drill will cut through; get better seed to soil contact.  But we mowed it one day in advance.  It’s green.  It’s lush.  It hasn’t broken down.  We need more seed to make sure we get good seed to soil contact.

WOODS: 33.4.  Got that?

That’s Habitat.  Habitat.  In the bag, in the ground, in the belly, in the antler.  Habitat.

BRAD: Let’s get started.

WOODS: One thing you never want to do is clean the table.  If you invite me as a guest over to your house and you get tired of me after three or four days.  Stop feeding me and I’ll leave and go somewhere else.  Same thing’s true with your deer herd.  If you’re getting ready to plant a new food plot, unless you’ve got food right next door, don’t mow it all down.  We’ve left some beans standing here so about the time they got this cleaned up, the wheat’s up and running over here.  You want to keep your deer on your property?  Don’t clean the table.

WOODS: Hey, you may recall that we had a corn failure this spring.  We had the wireworm really bad.  We planted twice and both times, the wireworm consumed all the corn seed.  So, this field we planted really late in beans, provided great forage all summer long, but it was immature and you can see how small the pods are.  So, it wasn’t going to make full pods.  Mow it down, put wheat in here.  That’s okay because just across the creek, 50 yards from where I’m standing, I got beans this tall, so we look at each situation; each field; what’s around you; what’s your neighborhood; make a judgment on your food and put it in the ground when you need to.

WOODS: Man, from early this morning ‘til getting close to dark here, we’ve been rolling all day; had a couple little showers come through, but not too much where we can’t plant.  It is such a tremendous blessing to get rain right on top of your freshly planted seed.  I can’t wait for deer season in seven days.  I can’t wait for this to germinate.  I hope you’re equally blessed at your Proving Grounds.  Thank you for watching GrowingDeer.tv.