Bow Hunting: Double Bucks & Double Does (Episode 204 Transcript)

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SETH: Yeah, we scored. We doubled up baby. We doubled.

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GRANT: We were blessed with cooler temperatures this past week here at The Proving Grounds.

GRANT: We were on the back side of a front, and as often happens on the back side of a front, the wind was out of the East.

GRANT: With an East wind forecast, and the knowledge we gained from just checking our Reconyx cameras, we were very confident we would see some deer.

GRANT: (Whispering) October 8th, and the first afternoon it’s been cool enough to wear a jacket. Got a great Reconyx pattern of does and fawns coming out in the field, and a couple Hit Lister bucks in the area but this day is perfect for the wind tonight, so I’m really excited to see who shows up.

GRANT: Using Reconyx option of time lapse, we knew that we had several does and fawns using Boom Pond Powerline food plot. And other cameras in the area had shown some shooter bucks, but they were all active after dark.

GRANT: (Whispering) Early in the afternoon, tenderloins down; heard the tumble, it’s all good.

GRANT: About 40 minutes later, we caught more movement as some more deer entered the plot.

GRANT: (Whispering) And I just tucked my 30 yard pin about an inch below her belly, knowing she might drop just a little and the 25 would be right there.

ADAM: (Whispering) Yeah.

GRANT: (Whispering) Yeah, I think I saw the arrow come out of her on the far side. I think I saw the knot come out of her over there.

ADAM: (Whispering) I got good news and I got bad news. Good news is we got two deer down. Bad news is they’re on opposite hills.

GRANT: (Whispering) A.J., I got the answer: A.J.

GRANT: (Whispering) Two for two. Lots of tenderloin.

GRANT: Not only does my family really appreciate the venison, but harvesting does is a great management tool, and let’s face it, great practice for when we get closer to the rut and the big boys start moving during daylight hours.

GRANT: You know harvesting does is just one way to prepare for the rut, but another way is to make sure we’re getting the best data possible so we can track these mature and super smart bucks.

ADAM: You remember recently we brought up this Redneck Blind at Raleigh’s Field to help us monitor the entire field while we’re hunting? Well now we’re gonna use this little attachment, Reconyx camera, and we’re gonna monitor the whole field even when we’re not hunting.

ADAM: So with a few simple tools, a drill, and a socket set, we’re gonna have this attached and be scouting 24/7.

ADAM: So as you’ve heard us say before, since building this food plot, we’ve struggled finding an effective way to hunt it and scout it, but by putting up the Redneck Blind we’ve covered both those problems.

GRANT: I’d like to introduce two new pro-staffer’s for Seth Harker and Aaron Kicklighter. These guys are accomplished hunters and they’ve been filming their hunts just for family enjoyment for a number of years.

GRANT: Seth and Aaron have been scouting and found a white oak tree raining acorns in a small clover food plot. Even with all that, I don’t think they were expecting the first deer they saw in the field that afternoon to be one of their shooter bucks.

SETH: (Whispering) Man, this white oak out here is raining acorns.

SETH: (Whispering) Are you on him?

SETH: (Whispering) Thumped him, baby.

SETH: (Whispering) Southern Missouri white oaks, baby. Aaron’s been hanging in with me, filming. It’s southern Missouri early season. You don’t – if you get an opportunity, you had a good deer, you take it. I am ecstatic. I’m gonna manage this properly, property, I can’t even talk, property for five years, I love to bow hunt whitetails. There’s a lot of bigger deer running on this property, but we got a lot of standing grain for late season. So maybe we’ll get lucky in late season, but for now I’m done. Aaron’s up to bat and there’s no telling what he’s gonna take down.

GRANT: Seth and Aaron were still up in a tree and kind of reliving the hunt and watching the footage on the camera when one of ‘em thought they heard some more deer approaching the field.

SETH: (Whispering) No, that’s Night Crawler. It’s Night Crawler. He’s about 130” deer. You want to shoot him?

GRANT: Now you know these guys are true buddies, as Seth volunteers his bow to Aaron, because Aaron’s on the camera and got the only buck tag left in the tree.

GRANT: It’s important to note that these guys have been hunting together a long time and Aaron had shot Seth’s bow before, so he wasn’t going in cold to a living target.

SETH: (Whispering) He’s 35. Just gap shoot him. Just take your time and gap shoot him. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t shoot him.

AARON: (Inaudible)

SETH: (Whispering) Yeah, we scored. We doubled up baby. We doubled. We doubled up.

AARON: (Whispering) …smoked him too.

SETH: (Inaudible)

AARON: (Whispering) Smoked that deer.

SETH: (Whispering) Son, he is dead.

AARON: (Whispering) I can’t…

SETH: (Whispering) And it’s all being recorded right here.

AARON: (Whispering) We just smoked him.

SETH: Look at all that blood.

UNKNOWN: Here’s where you (inaudible) your arrow (inaudible).

SETH: Going down the hill is the easy part.


SETH: What do you think about that, Aaron?

AARON: That’s a hit, ain’t it?

SETH: We were not even expecting to even shoot a deer tonight, and then kill a hundred and, I don’t know how much.

AARON: That’s 140” buck.

SETH: See the deer?

SETH: There’s a bunch of blood here.

AARON: There he is.

SETH: Where? Oh yeah.

UNKNOWN: I can’t wait to get double pictures.

UNKNOWN: That is impressive. That’s the main beam right there, buddy.

SETH: We got on two tonight. We got her done, southern Missouri, got Trace here, he found all the blood tonight and uh, just a great time. Something I’ll never forget.

GRANT: I welcome Seth and Aaron to the team, and I sure look forward to watching future hunts as they chase southern Missouri bucks. I hope you have a chance to chase some bucks this week and get out and enjoy the beauty of the Creation, but most importantly, take some time and listen to what the Creator is saying to you. Thanks for watching

ADAM: Well now we’re gonna bring up this – uh, I’ll get it. Well what we’re using it for to attach a Redneck. But we’re still trying some new tools and new techniques, to improve our hunting. Hated the ending. Hated it. And be scouting 24/7.