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>> GRANT: Pro Staffer Jeff Therrell lives on and hunts nine acres in Kansas. And even though it’s a pretty small property, he has enjoyed several successful hunts on his home farm and provided his family lots of venison.

>> GRANT: This week I’m excited to share Jeff has already had another successful season.

>> GRANT: Through the years Jeff has worked to build a very productive food plot on his property.

>> GRANT: Jeff’s place joins some large production ag fields. And during the growing season, those fields certainly provide more forage than Jeff can grow.

>> GRANT: A great strategy for Jeff is to allow the production ag fields to provide high-quality forage during the growing season and work hard to maintain the quality food plot that provides high-quality forage after those production crops have been harvested.

>> GRANT: This results in Jeff having a limited resource of quality food on his property.

>> GRANT: Through the years, Jeff has used several food plot strategies. He has planted Eagle Seeds Forage Soybeans but protected them with a Hot Zone fence during the growing season so deer wouldn’t browse on them. And then once the surrounding crops have been harvested, remove the fence.

>> GRANT: The energy-rich pods during the hunting season is a huge attraction for deer in Jeff’s area.

>> GRANT: Jeff has also planted Eagle Seeds Broadside Blend during the late summer, allow it to grow and the multiple species in that blend ensure that there is plenty of food and something very palatable to deer throughout the hunting season.

>> GRANT: In addition to having a great-quality food plot, Jeff has also used prescribed fire which results in high-quality native grasses as cover and forbs for an additional food source.

>> GRANT: When all of the production crops have been harvested near Jeff’s property, his source of high-quality food and cover become a great limited resource attracting deer throughout the area.

>> GRANT: Several weeks ago Jeff established a Code Blue mock scrape on the edge of his food plot and used a Reconyx camera to monitor the deer activity.

>> GRANT: During the early morning of October 25, a good buck came in and worked the scrape.

>> GRANT: Jeff didn’t know this buck from past years and was excited to see a bonus buck using his property.

>> GRANT: A few days later a cold front passed Jeff’s property bringing a bit of snow. And that was just the ticket to get that buck on his feet and using Jeff’s food plot during daylight hours.

>> GRANT: Knowing this buck was in the area and active during daylight, Jeff decided to hunt his Redneck blind on the west side of the plot the afternoon of November 1st.

>> JEFF: [Whispering] So we’ve been having some good bucks come in here and hit these scrapes at night. And it’s just a matter of time before one of them gets up at daylight and comes and checks this plot. So I want to be sure I’m here.

>> JEFF: [Whispering] And I’ve got a, got a pretty good buck that’s been showing up. I’m trying to think of a name for him. Maybe by the end of this afternoon, I’ll have him named. But I’m hoping to get a shot at him. He’s four and half years old and I’d really like to get him. So stick with me and we’ll see if he comes out.

>> GRANT: It was still early when the first deer appeared.

>> GRANT: As this doe fed in the plot a larger doe approached.

>> GRANT: Eventually, the larger doe fed around and presented Jeff with a shot opportunity.

>> GRANT: The doe barely made it out of the plot before she went down. Jeff was happy to tag a big doe and provide fresh venison for his family. But what he didn’t know, later that same night, according to his trail camera, the buck he was after and he had named Tupac, cut through that food plot chasing a doe.

>> GRANT: The next morning, November 2, Tupac went through the plot about 8:00 A.M. in the morning and the next morning about 3:30 A.M.

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>> GRANT: Jeff knew it was only a matter of time before Tupac walked through his food plot during daylight. So he decided to ask off work and go hunting the morning of November 4th.

>> JEFF: [Whispering] I’m set up on my nine acres in my Redneck blind here this morning. I’ve been having a buck that I finally came up with a name for him. I named him Tupac.

>> JEFF: [Whispering] He’s been coming out into this green field here the past two mornings following some does. So I’m very optimistic this morning.

>> JEFF: [Whispering] My vacation time was not scheduled until tomorrow, so I kind of talked to my boss, got out a couple hours for this morning. So I’m hoping I can get it done.

>> JEFF: [Whispering] We’ve got a south wind this morning. I believe that he’s bedding to the south of me and he’s going to come into this field this morning with these does. So very optimistic. Should be a great morning. Can’t wait to see what happens.

>> GRANT: It was just becoming light when a young buck entered the plot and started feeding.

>> GRANT: Suddenly the young buck’s head come up and he was locked on something just to Jeff’s left.

>> GRANT: The buck turned and started walking toward the blind, taking a few bites as it went. But it was still really interested in something just out of sight.

>> GRANT: This buck was head up and alert for almost four minutes.

>> GRANT: Then Jeff realized what had this buck’s attention.

>> GRANT: Tupac walked past the blind and into the plot.

>> GRANT: The buck runs to the edge of the plot and stands in the cover. The shot was a little back but Tupac’s pretty wobbly.

>> GRANT: These moments are always nerve-wracking but the Deadmeat did its job and the buck went down.

>> JEFF: [Whispering] Oh. Oh my goodness. Tupac is down. Tupac is down!

>> JEFF: [Whispering] I’ve got to be quiet. There’s still a deer in the field.

>> JEFF: [Whispering] Oh, my goodness. I think that will be my biggest buck, I think. I’ll have to see. But, man, he was a nice, mature deer.

>> JEFF: [Whispering] My heart’s pounding.

>> GRANT: Jeff wisely decided to remain in the blind and give that buck some time if necessary. And while he was sitting there, another young buck entered the plot, went over to the scrape and worked it.

>> GRANT: After about 45 minutes, Jeff couldn’t take it anymore and he got down and checked out the arrow.

>> GRANT: The arrow looked good, so Jeff took up that short trail and Tupac was right there where he saw him go down.

>> GRANT: Jeff got the buck back to his house, raised him up on his Redneck hoist and started processing the venison.

>> GRANT: Well done, Jeff. Your hunting strategy paid off again. You’ve had many successful hunts on your nine acres and keep your family supplied with plenty of fresh venison.

>> GRANT: I think we can all learn a valuable lesson from Jeff’s hunt.

>> GRANT: Jeff’s repeated successes on a relatively small property is a great example that we can all enjoy hunting anywhere. The secret is understanding what’s the limited resource in the area where we’re hunting, focusing on what a deer needs throughout each portion of the season.

>> GRANT: Jeff’s not holding deer on his property, but providing a limited resource during hunting season; deer in the neighborhood are certainly including Jeff’s property in their home range and cruising through there in daylight hours.

>> GRANT: No matter where you hunt, understanding when and where deer use resources such as food, cover and water is a great way to learn more about Creation.

>> GRANT: But most importantly, you need to take time every day to be quiet and listen to what the Creator is saying to you.

>> GRANT: Thanks for watching GrowingDeer.