Trail Camera Checklist

By GrowingDeer,

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July is an exciting month for deer hunters. Antlers are starting to develop, and we’re busy trying to prepare gear, shoot our bows, and trim shooting lanes. This is also a popular time of the year to monitor deer herds with trail cameras. Our Reconyx cameras are in the field picking up potential his list bucks and observing does with fawns to ensure the population is healthy. It’s important that each trail camera is placed appropriately so images are clear, and days are not wasted in the field. It’s very annoying to waste a week of images because you left without aiming the camera and making sure all objects were clear from the field of view.

Important things to check before leaving the camera site:

  • Battery life – Double check that there is enough battery life to run the camera until you return.
  • Memory – Make sure a memory card is in the camera and there is plenty of space to save images.
  • Date and time – It’s simple to check and will give exact times of when animals moved through the area.
  • Turn camera on – It’s a shame how many times we’ve done this, but it’s best to check and double check to see the camera is on.
  • Aiming – Watch the video to see exactly how we aim our cameras.
  • Clear brush – We use weed eaters to clear brush in front of the camera. This helps ensure clear images of animals with no distractions.
  • Attracting the animals – Using an attractant or mineral like Trophy Rock FOUR65 will help lure the animals into view.

Using this check list will help you capture more images as well as higher quality images!

For love of the land and the Glory to God,