Tracking Down A Hit-Lister – Episode #354

By GrowingDeer,

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Learn how to pattern a mature buck in GrowingDeer episode 354.

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As deer season opens across the country we show the steps it takes to pattern a mature buck. See the tips and tools we use to pattern and hunt mature deer this fall. You can use these same strategies to track down a hit-lister!

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Self filming a deer hunt.Short Clip:

Avoid the common mistakes in self-filming. Watch to see the latest and greatest tips on the proper techniques used to video a deer hunt!

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Image of two bucks at night

New Weekly Blog: Hunting When The Temperature Rises

Will you be deer hunting during the early season? Learn how our stand placements are chosen to stay hot when the temperatures rise.

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Havoc broadheads and BloodSport arrows

Tip of the Week:

Before bow season opens be sure to practice with broadheads. Double check your sights before heading to the stand.