Top Of Our Hit List: Butterbean – Episode #250

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Butterbean is added to the 2014 Hit List in episode #250.

Our Hit List is getting serious. A big buck called Butterbean is currently at the top of the list. Truth is, there might be a bigger buck running around, but Butterbean is still the number one contender. Watch this episode as Grant shares just how the hit list is shaping up! It’s time to get moving on your fall food plots! They are great attraction areas for harvesting deer, but what if you add a tree plot right within your fall plot? It’s gonna be a killer combination! We’ll show you how.

A fall food plot filled with deer during daylight.Tip of the Week: Killer Fall Food Plots!

When: Plant your fall food plot 45-60 days before the average first frost in your area.

Ensure Success: When broadcasting seed, ensure enough sun is reaching the soil for seed to germinate and grow. Broadcast seed just before rain.

Our Favorite Fall Blend: Broadside by Eagle Seed