Tools Of The Trade: Filming A Turkey Hunt

By GrowingDeer,

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Filming your hunt has become a very popular activity in the world of hunting. There are professionals, semi-professionals, and amateurs all just looking to capture the hunt to show friends and family. There are thousands of tools but sorting through them can be difficult. Below is a list of gear that I will be carrying in the following weeks to help bring you every new episode of!

Sony EX3 with lavalier and shotgun mics, tripod, and GoPro with remote and ground stake.

I film turkey hunts using a Sony EX3 with lavalier and shotgun mics, tripod, and GoPro with remote and ground stake.

  1. Primary camera – We use a Sony EX3 as our main camera. There are many great cameras to choose from. It’s important to have a primary camera with the appropriate attachments to help grab the essential pieces of every hunt. This camera can be the most expensive camera on the market or a small handy cam. The most important part is knowing your camera and capturing clear, focused footage.
  2. Tripod – Leaving this at home isn’t an option for us. Stable footage is a must and can only be captured by attaching the camera to a tripod. This means mobility is limited, but finding a balance between stable and mobile is dynamite.
  3. Shotgun and lavalier microphone – Having great audio is one of the main differences between amateurs and professionals. You can pick up either of these microphones for a couple hundred dollars online. Like cameras, the more expensive the better, by adding one of the two you will increase your quality significantly.
  4. Secondary camera(s) – POV cameras are becoming wildly popular, especially for hunters. GoPro cameras are attached to nearly everything on most hunting shows. Positioning one of these cameras back towards the hunter and cameraman during a hunt brings a real world look at the emotions and obstacles a hunter/cameraman go through. Having a secondary camera rolling through the hunt will also eliminate the need for recreates.
  5. Accessories – These tools aren’t essential but can increase your production value.
    • POV ground stake – This stake is very basic but can capture killing footage! Mount a secondary camera to it and place it five yards from a decoy looking back towards the hunter.
    • Slider – If you’re looking for that professional touch, grab a nice slider and incorporate it into your hunt. Sliders come in different sizes and shapes but the concept is the same. The track keeps the camera positioned almost exactly the same as the camera moves from one end of the slider to the other. This tool will add a nice movement to your shots.
    • Suction cup mount – Attached to your secondary camera, this mount will be a great way to capture footage inside your vehicle going to and from your property.
    • Remote control for primary camera – Attaching a thumb operated remote control to your tripod will mean the difference between comfort and aching muscles. By positioning your tripod arm closer to the ground and having the remote control attached it will allow you to operate your camera with your arms more relaxed and comfortable.
    • Remote control for secondary camera – Having a remote control for your secondary camera will save battery life and eliminate the movement of trying to turn the camera on before a turkey comes in. The remote can be used to turn the camera on from several yards away without having to stand up and manually turn on the camera.

Most importantly, everything we carry in pursuit of turkeys is camouflage! Turkeys have incredible eyesight and all lights and shiny objects need to be covered with camouflage! Don’t overlook this tip! It could be the most important part of your hunt!

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