Today, I Worked for More Turkeys!

By GrowingDeer,

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Eaten Turkey EggsI REALLY like to turkey hunt. I like to take my family members and friends turkey hunting. I like to simply listen to turkeys call. I like to eat turkeys. Most predators like to eat turkeys. I like turkeys — predators like turkeys. That’s a conflict.

So today while it was very cold, my friend Bill Stimson and I set 30+ traps for raccoons/opossums at The Proving Grounds. Raccoons/opossums don’t move much when it’s cold. It was 14° this morning and a low of 17°, 13°, and 8° predicted for the next three mornings.

However, it will warm up and the first night it does, the raccoons/opossums will move. The traps are set and the catch should be good.

It’s a good feeling to work toward a few more turkey eggs being able to hatch, more poults surviving, and a few more gobblers to be heard. Besides, trapping is like Christmas in a way — it’s always exciting to wake and check what’s under the tree! I’m excited about tomorrow morning!

Growing Deer together,