Tips To Attract And Hold Deer On Your Property – Episode #343

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This week Grant and Adam head east to work a hidden gem in the whitetails’ range. It’s a 90 acre parcel with lots of neighbors! Grant shares tips and ideas that will help this landowner attract and hold deer on his property.

Even the smallest of predators can cause serious trouble in the deer woods. Watch and learn how ticks can stress, infect, and even kill deer.

Plus, we will show you what has gotten us even more ready for deer season!

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Adam leaning on a camera tripod

Short Clip:

Better watch your back around here! Watch as Adam gets ZAPPED!

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Peaches in a tree plotNew Weekly Video Blog: Better Fruit Trees, Better Hunting

This week Adam discusses how to make your deer seasons fruitful! Learn more about successful tree plots here!

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Trimming growth near a HotZone electric fence

Tip of the Week:

Ensure your HotZone fence works, fuel up a weed eater and trim back the soybeans under the fence!