Tips For Making Poor Timber into Quality Habitat – Episode #398

By GrowingDeer,

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A dead doe that was eaten by predators

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Watch as the GrowingDeer Team works to convert poor timber into quality habitat! Learn tips to help select and remove trees for improving your timber! Plus, see our latest strategy for hunting a hit list buck this fall!

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Several deer at a Trophy Rock station during daylight.Short Clip:

High quality food sources like food plots can bring the deer in! Sit back and enjoy watching all these deer!


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A buck uses an area that was protected by a fence

New Weekly Blog:

It’s often easier to grow mature bucks than it is to harvest mature bucks. Find out how to create and use bottlenecks to pattern and hunt mature bucks!


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An Ozone Go plugged into the work truck.

Tip of the Week:

Don’t let smelly scent build up in your truck this summer! Running an Ozone Go in the truck after working in the field is a great start to fall scent control!