Tips For Deer Hunting During The Pre-Rut Phase

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I’m sitting at my friend’s place in Kentucky. It’s raining. I really dislike driving seven hours to sit inside and write rather than being outside and hunting. However all is not lost as it’s the pre rut! The pre rut is a time when bucks are pumped full of testosterone but most does are not receptive yet. Therefore bucks tend to move a lot seeking one of the few does that are receptive. In simple terms, bucks are more likely to be active during daylight hours during the pre rut.

Pre rut action is often substantially elevated when a cold front occurs. This is especially true if the cold front occurs during the first part of the pre rut as there are fewer does receptive and the bucks are searching throughout their entire range.

Cold fronts often follow rains

Cold fronts during the Pre Rut often result in increased buck activity.

A cold front often follows rains this time of year. So, while I missed hunting this morning the action may be great this afternoon and tomorrow! Bucks should be moving as the temperatures are forecast to drop throughout the day and tomorrow!

Bucks often will tend scrapes just after a rain during the pre rut. In fact, the pre rut is the best time of year to hunt near scrapes. So, I’ve selected a stand location this afternoon in a strip of hardwoods that connects to larger sections of woods. There are scrapes along this strip of hardwoods and I can approach with the wind in my face. I can approach, hunt, and leave without alerting deer using this travel corridor.

Cold fronts during the Pre Rut often result in increased buck activity. Selecting stands that can be approached without alerting bucks while approaching, hunting, and leaving the stand will increase your chances of tagging a mature buck.

The rain should let up soon and I’m about ready to head to the stand. I hope you have an opportunity to get out and enjoy Creation during the Pre Rut.

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